OKKKK….this is a cropped one of me cooking chaps, but it was the closest I could find with my tush’.

I will be sakataing this behind come this long weekend. Aki, I think psyke as much as I have now should be banned lest I become mental.

Farmgal, I feel you on what you said. Nitaendela!!! 😉

Happy Mid-week peoples!

Edit: The team has landed – Click here for more!

Mocha!s Tunepick: Michael GrayWeekend


25 thoughts on “SAKATA RHUMBA”

  1. uuuuuuuiiiii!!!!
    Rumpalicious to dee corrreeee!!!!
    Chapo na rump…Does it get anibetta….now to that foot…
    Am…how ammm…I think I’ll call it Eva…Firsrt of Feet..
    How’s eva doing?
    Rump unBoliVaBoooo!!

  2. You….er – wait. Your chaps (and not your rump) have just inspired a meal! Hehehe. Hebu sasa I listen to that podcast. It’s taken forever to download and I have grave misgivings…pretty grave ones. Should I?

  3. Masalaaaaaaale! Yaani Mocha una sianda ya watu wangapi? Ok nice tush! But the skirt jameni? The way I thought guys chanuka when they fika the U.K! See Farmgal sideways she hooks you up! Hehe! (I’m just hating)

    The chapos look polite from this angle. As long as they’re round.

  4. @bantutu….wee wacha!


    @egm….damn. REALLY? DO I? *whistling* hhmmm, can’t remember doing so!

    @Ichiena….enjoy that meal.

    @farmgal….but of course. I love making them for others to enjoy. I too I am going mad. Kesho hitting the shops for clad. Late night shopping lazima nitafika.

    @archer….niko na sianda ya mtu mmoja tuu! Na hiyo ni trao, si skirt and its my apron. As you can tell from its shao look, i dont mind it getting dirty. Thanks for the ‘chapo’ compliment. 😉

  5. The way you shake it, I can’t believe it
    I ain’t never seen an – ass like that
    The way you move it, you make my pee-pee go
    I don’t believe it, it’s almost to good to be true
    I ain’t never seen a – ass like that
    The way you move it, you make my pee-pee go

  6. mocha and the way I like a nice round soft tush…I mean chapo like the one you are kandaing.

    a woman with such a nice tush should not be able to make chapos; it just makes it harder for the other chilez to find jamaas

    okay that’s enough praise for the tush, where is my chapo?

  7. maze where was I when chaps were being dished like this? yaani folks wear aprons? sijui u send me one? I usually vaa an old tee to cook in 🙂

  8. My goodness!! Can you believe this is the first time I am seeing this? I think sometimes my posts are divinely inspired. You have NO IDEA how much ammo. this gives me for my post. Can I assume permission to use this as “specimen A” …? OMG … wish I had seen this b4, but I am updating right now!!

  9. @ Mocha: hio sio sianda ya mtu mmoja! Hiyo umeongeza kadhat ya neighbour! But the trao…..the trao….! Wacha tu.

    LOL @ Udi & 3N!! What chapos?

  10. @kirima……i was off the hook.
    @mazza….thanks *blushing*
    @udi….what you smokin’ dude???
    @3N….this is just a pic. Now if you were there when it is actually moving as it kneads that dough, utafanya? Scratch that… bad!!! Putting ideas in your head. 😉
    @I Deny…..LOL!!!
    @Phassie…..nah! This small behind…..naaaaahhhh!!!
    @majonzi….ebu explain to Archer. He thinks I go clubbing with the trao.
    @mwangi…..FINALLY, nyitaing ten years later. Can’t wait for your next post. Permission granted, only if used correctly.
    @inexes….i don’t see why not! I put it up…DUH!
    @Archer…..yaani you don’t believe its for one person. Well it is….and the trao is for doing stuff around the house.
    Aki…..I didnt think that my tush chapos would be making people click to my blog this fast. I guess I was wrong, huh?

  11. The things that attract people’s attention! I’m sure the tush rather than the fact that it will be sakatain rhumba this weekend is the main focus!

    As for the owing chapos, I’ll dig through archives and tafuta where that promise was made when I get time 🙂

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