On the Phone with Benja

Disclaimer: I am not a pro-journalist. Just an amateur reporting to the masses. A new discovered passion for blogging writing got me here. So here goes nothing….. 

I have to admit, its good to be resourceful, know people and also having read that the Kenya Sevens team landed in the UK on Wednesday afternoon, it gave me the opportunity to have a telephone conversation/interview with the Kenya Sevens Team Coach, Benjamin Ayimba. The conversation was not recorded , so I am blogging from memory and a few pointers/questions I had written.

Straight from training in preparation to this weekend’s Rugby Sevens tournament to be held in Twickenham, I asked Mr Ayimba a few hurriedly prepared questions:
Mocha!: Hi, Benja (as he is well known). It’s been awhile since the last time I saw you was last year. How have you been?
Benja: I have been fine.
M!: So, what are your expectations for this tournament in London and Edinburgh?
B: As a team, we are targeting 15 points from both tournaments. Either winning the Plate or by reaching 1 final, 1 semi or 1 quarter in the both events.
M!: Ok. And how does the team keep in shape in terms of fitness in preparation?
B: We do did alot of running especially in Nai because of the high altitude which works to our advantage when playing low altitude place like London.
M!: Ok, but having said that, the team has names we are necessarily not familiar with as supporters. They look like a young (international circuite) team. Is that so?
B: Not at all. The team is made of mature/senior players to chase the much needed points. So, the experience is there and we hope to achieve our target.
M!: Right…so moving on to other areas related to rugby, what type of food to eat to keep in shape? What would be a typical meal?
B: Our diet varies as we all have different requirements, but proteins and carbs are much need to keep us fit and healthy. A typical meal would consist of rice, slice of lean beef and leafy salad, washed down with plenty of water. Fizzy drinks are avoided as they are full of sugar and dehydrate alot.
M!: Nice to know that. Safari Sevens is right after the London and Edinburgh events, will you still have the same team or will the players who couldn’t make it get a chance to be part of the team?
B: Actually, it will depend on the condition and commitment of the players picked to play at the sevens (Safari Sevens). Also, we will look at the players who have been playing well throughout the season and need a time to shine and Safari Sevens may just offer that opportunity.
M!: I have read some reports that international sevens teams like Fuji, Samoa and Japan will be attending this year’s event. Are you looking forward to it?
B: Yes, I am looking forward to Safari Sevens. Fuji and Japan have confirmed their attendance. From what I have heard, due to commitments, the Samoan team will not be attending, but Argentina have expressed their interest to attend the event. So we just have to wait and see it their presence will be acknowledged by the organisers.
M!: Ok…..I think that is all I have for now. If I have any more questions I will present them on Saturday. Thank you  and see you at Twickenham.
B: You’re welcome and see you on Saturday.

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