IRB Sevens, London – A Mocha! Special

“The weather at Twickenham failed to dampen spirits, particularly among the Kenyan supporters who arrived en masse.  – Photo captions from the IRB Sevens website.

You had to be there to experience the atmosphere of the tournament. Twickenham rocked. The supporters/supporting was electric and the air full of warm spirits despite the horrible weather.

Day one, Kenya faced tough opponents in their Pool and New Zealand and Italy proved that point. New Zealand beat us 43 -10 in our first game. Scotland were also tough but we managed to fight them to a draw of 19-19 in our second game. Kenya played Italy last and they beat us 25 – 9.

All this just proved, as supporters we will always be behind our team. We were still cheering and singing like pros, that come rain or shine, nothing will keep us from losing our voices. 

Later that evening, the first of the afterparties in East London at a joint called The Ram in Canning Town kicked off. Before that though, people were at Thatched House to catch a few pints before heading for The Ram. The place was full to the brime, but we continued to party. At The Ram, we were greeted by very hostile bouncers that we had to wait for almost an hour before most of us got in. Anyway, once inside Dj Edu (1xTRA) who was headlining made up for the long wait out in the cold. Rocking hit after hit from the nineties to mugithi as we partied the night away. Dj Dubwise and Levysill as MC didn’t let us down with their Reggae set, which triggered flashbacks of raving in F2 (Florida 2000). The night ended on a special high and there was more to come.

Day two at Twickenham saw Kenya play the quater final of the Bowl against England and they beat us 19 – 0. This saw us in the semi-final for the Shield against Georgia and we beat them 19 – 0. Kenya made it the final of the Shield against Italy and we got our own back by beating them 15 – 0 to clinch the Shield trophy. Though it was a win for Kenya, it was at the same time disappointing as it was not the final we hoped for to get those crucial points. Then again, this didnt disappoint the few diehard Kenya fans who turned up on Sunday with hangovers and lack of sleep to support Kenya, despite the weather being chilly, dull and damp. The Bowl trophy was won by England who beat Portugal 10 – 0. The Plate was won by South Africa beating Australia 14 – 5 and the Cup final saw New Zealand clinch it by beating Fiji 29 – 7. The New Zealand team and fans responded by doing the haka around different points of the ground at the end of the tournament. The day ended on a high note.

Later that evening the second of the afterparties was well under way. Getting lost with some of the Kenya team as we headed to Club Volts in North London didn’t spoil the rest of the evening at all. We (the supporters, clubbers and the Kenya Team) had a wonderful night and the Dj’s on rotation kept people on the dance floor ’til it was time to go home. The Dj’s were Viagra, Dj Doc, Dj Clem, Dj Ken, Mocha! among others, who made the night something to be talked about.

Let’s just say, if you werent there, you missed – ULIHATA VIBAYA!!!

Edinburgh – HERE WE COME!!!

For the full details of the fixtures and results, please visit the IRB Sevens website. 

Some of my pics are out. You can also click here and look in the sports gallery (or online orders under 7’s rugby and rugby fans) for Saturdays pictures.


In case you all wondering, yes I did meet-up with Farmgal and as she will testify, we had fun. Lakini don’t expect pics of us together…….! Chica, aki you looked hot in your ka-outfit. Enough said! 😉


8 thoughts on “IRB Sevens, London – A Mocha! Special”

  1. thanks for supporting our team – we will revenge when they come to SanDiego next year.

    btw the first pic in Murira’s photos is just brilliant.

    now mocha, identify yourself among the enmasse of fans.

  2. More proof that Farmgal dresses superbly! Yaani now I want to know what she looks like when dressed ovyo, vile there are two independent opinions of how well she dresses! Looks like y’all had a blast. Can’t wait for your pics. I’ve just checked out Murira’s The guy has skills! What camera and lens does he use?

  3. aki mocha you have wekad me in shidaz…will post a pic of on my blog….I have loads to share but no time to post.
    I took one for archer too!
    Chic you’re sweet!

  4. @aegeus….yah, shut it down seeing I wanted to enjoy myself not having to worry about people checking in and leaving comments. Blogging bug I suppose.

    @3N…I hope the team improves for the next tour. As for the Murira jamaa, he got skills. Managed to sponge up a few pointers. Only a few bloggers will be able to tambua me!!! They have signed e-contracts not to unleash that secret.

    @egm….it was off the hook. Yaani, Farmgal was looking fly! Wacha she will show you the pic if she can. As for Murira’s kit, he is using a Canon 30D and a 50-200mm (i think) image stabiliser lens…the white ones that need a tripod to hold it up. He is a pro….anyway, his pics speak for themselves.

    @farmgal…i am still waiting for your entry bana. Ebu tuma mine kwanza. 😉

  5. If all works out, in the next 2 years, I plan on attending all the sevens matches. Mpaka the one they will hold in Afhganistan. I need to kunywa with Kenyans in all continents if possible.

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