On A Personal Tip


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I have never been so psyched up for an event like rugby sevens. I am still buzzing from this past weekends’ shenanigans and there is still more to come in Edinburgh, come rain or shine. My voice too suffered as a result…..husky as ever! 😉

This is one social event where you meet-up with people you have never seen, just spoke on the phone (Farmgal), people you grew up with in Nai and haven’t seen for more than 10 years, new people you get to know on the day, seeing the familiar faces known to me on the Kenya team again, peeps you have come to see in other social events in the UK, ex-boyfriends, ONS’s, potential clandes…..you already know where I am heading with this. LOL!!! 😉

Anywhoo…..my friends and I got there at around 11ish. Yep, we missed Kenya being thrashed by New Zealand. Some fans were sitting on the opposite side from our designated cheering area and this is where my heckling started to get them to move to where we were.

Shortly we see a commotion…kumbe its a TV crew who took footage of us cheering for Kenya (I am still looking for the clip online). Yaani, our crowd has become so popular. A word of advice to RFU & Ticketmaster…….PLEASE SELL YOUR TICKETS TO DESIGNATED AREAS ACCORDING TO DIFFERENT COUNTRIES AND THEIR SUPPORTERS. Just a suggestion.

I got to test a new lens egm…..70-300mm and I have to say, it is off the hook. Shame though about the speed as most of my pics were blurry, but I got some I could share with you.

Aki….on Sato I was all over the place taking pictures, mingling and heckling like there was no tomorrow. I met the designer for LaLesso (blogged about it a while back). A very nice lady and she informed me the online store is now open. I also saw estate-mates from Nai who I haven’t seen for more than 10 years. I was also shocked to learn that people travelled from far and wide to enjoy this event. Some as far as the States. So those who were around and you think London/Edinburgh is far….YOU HAVE NO EXCUSE!

At the end of day one, it was pouring down as if it was April….talk about Global Warming. During the week it was hot and humid like WOW….now it was raining and chilly as ever. Anyway, my pals and I headed home to get changed for the club, but before that, Benjamin Ayimba (Team Coach) was kind enough to arrange a photo call of the team just before they headed back to their hotel. Thanks Benja!!!

We got home, showered and changed and headed off to the club, but first passed through a local close to the afterparty joint. It was so packed that we only stayed for one drink. Just as we were about to leave, my pal found his car burgled. His stereo and chub-change gone. That was the first drama of the night, but it didn’t dampen our spirits. As we were heading out, this idiot kept jumping infront of cars in the motorway. Drunk or suicide attempt? We never stopped to find out as we were busy trying to avoid hitting him as well as hitting other cars. When we arrived at the club, we found a queue that was being held up by sturbborn bouncers. It took us almost an hour to get into the place and when we did its not like it was packed to the brime that they had to stop people from getting in for that long. AARRGGHHHH……anyway, like I mentioned, once inside Dj Edu was on the decks and his set ROCKED!!! Making up for the wait out in the cold.

We all partied the night away. A mugithii track and I’m Not Sober never sounded so good. From the time I stepped into the joint, I was katikaing like I was high on E! Maybe, it was all the Redbull I was drinking. Anyway, I had a blast and I am ready to do it again.

The night for me ended on high, but the amount of alcohol induced drama I saw outside the club as people prepared to go home, was enough to make me thank God for quitting.

Anyway, we got to my pals place where I was staying for the weekend safely, slept for two hours, spent an hour waking my pal up to go watch Kenya’s first game on day two of the tournament. True to Kenyan fashion, we never made it. We made there in time to see them beat Georgia and then the cold rain started to pour. Only a handful of Kenya supporters were there, but again the support we showed the team was there in full Kenyan spirit. Day two at Twickenham ended well with Kenya getting their own back by beating Italy, but at the same time even though we won silverware, no points were fourthcoming.

The second of the afterparties was in North London. After getting lost getting to the club with the few of the rudge players who wanted to hanyee…….we eventually got to the venue that was already rocking with two floors to choose from. We danced the night away, I spun a few joints and mingled some more. It was a good night out and everyone had a nice time. Another successful day…….went home looking forward to the following weekend where all this will happen again but in a different city…..two in fact, Glasgow and Edinburgh.

And Milo………nimedondoka! Briefly tuu!!! 😉 Don’t give up seat just yet….tihihihi!!!


7 thoughts on “On A Personal Tip”

  1. Ah, leta detail za lens! I’ll ona you kando for more on that. The one I have isn’t fast either, so I am limited in what I can take. What I wouldn’t give to get an f/2.8! N’ways, looks like you had plenty mwenjoyo.

  2. @Aco…yep, had fun like wow and I wasn’t the only one 😉

    @farmgal……kwa hamu! Ebu harakisha with your version of events.

    @archer….that is rugby for you! There are some shots I took…wacha tuu. This one is polite. As for hiyo maneno ingine….*blushing* thanks!

    @egm….nione kando basi. Use the address on my contact menu.

  3. Yaani there were people from Stato there? Damn. I need to get contacts of such people so that even me I can join them for ulevi in UK. But with the pound thrashing the dollar huku, I dont know if that trip was cheap

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