On a Personal Tip – Part 2

I have a cold….so forgive me for this podcast!  


Happy Weekend peoples!


6 thoughts on “On a Personal Tip – Part 2”

  1. I’ll make sure to jikunja into Udi’s bag when he kujas there next year if y’all don’t organize a tikiti for me. We have to enjoy pamoja!

    Pole for the homa na pona haraka…

  2. Chic you really want me to tell Udi why you couldnt stay on the phone with him? Tha choice is yours….
    He has a very fertile imagination-him
    Woiye pole kwa homa…city hopping I tell you! Kwanza that Twickenham was cold mbaiya sana.
    Hata kama you got homa, still nyssss!

  3. @aegeus…..thanks!

    @egm….sawa. Just hope you aint nabbed by the authorities. TIHIHIHIHI! Thanks, slowly on the mend.


    @aco…sawa. Will do.

    @Farmgal….wwwoooiii dont sema anything. Wacha I will vibe you kando!

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