A Few Clips from London & Edinburgh

Kionjo tuu!!! This are afew of the clips I took over the Rugby weekends at Twickenham and Murrayfield. The pics are too many and I am having a hard time which ones to share with you…..so bare with me on that one. In the meantime,

This is when the crew from BBC were doing a piece on the Kenyan fans. Just wish they did it when Kenya was actually on the pitch to get the true vibe from the fans.

My personal recording of the New Zealand team doing the Haka round Twickenham after clinching the Cup.

A bit of the Scottish culture at Murrayfield.

The Kenya team taking their final bow and Fiji on the podium to receive the Plate.

A small bunch of Kenyans with big voices…

Bring on 2008!!!

6 thoughts on “A Few Clips from London & Edinburgh”

  1. it’s nice to see the mama milka song knows no bounderies. well, neither do kenyans. jungus were anti nyita.

    nice clips.

    now you had seen and felt the euphoria at our safari sevens, man..lady….wacha tu. didn’t get clips though.

  2. Wacha tu! Si u know how am feeling? Sob… Sob! The Kenyans really made their point. Both on the pitch and at the stands. You should have heard the commentators on BBC.

  3. @modoathii…..kushtuka kwa nini? Manzee, if this continues like this and I am bila responsibilities in the years to come, I will soon be a rugby mascot for the Kenya team. Wellington, Hong Kong, USA…..hata safari sevens. Mocha! HUYOOOO!!!


    @farmgal……..wonders never cease with me. I had to be chonjo since this year I left my camcoder diggs. Aki you are sharp…I had to look at the clips again to see where you saw yourself. LOL!

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