Edinburgh 7s, 2007 Pictorial

I blundered and left the pics for Twickenham at home. So I have to do this back to front.

If you want prints sent to you, send me an email (see contact menu above for details). Also note that all the pics have been watermarked.

Scotland Slideshow

Next post….Mocha! Awards. The Best and Worst of the Rugby Weekends!

Happy Tuesday peoples!


12 thoughts on “Edinburgh 7s, 2007 Pictorial”

  1. Wats up chica? Sad some of us hatad the rudge tournament due to exams…grrrh. On your Edinburgh gallery i have spotted a long lost buddy lakini joh the person has changed ameongeza kilo…lol….waiting for the Twickenham ones…Lterz ma!

  2. Girl, I am loving the pictures. What kind of camera do you have? When I was young, my dad taught some photography and I love your work, and I would like to revive my childhood skills.

    Good work! 😉

  3. @k….thanks!

    @qute….thanks for dropping by. Books come first, lakini hapo you hatad a timam weekend.

    @farmgal…na bado. You know, lakini now you will patia peeps like akina Udi ideas.

    @Phassie….thanks. See my photolog for my kit details. Thanks for the compliments. Learning tuu pole pole.

    @egm…..dankyu dankyu!!! 😉

  4. Lovely pics indeed! Reminds me of the loads of muenjoyoz we all had from Twickenham to Thatched to the East London Club (can’t recall the name) to Glasgow to Murrayfield to Tiger Tiger etc. This’ got to be the event of the year!

    Mocha, that is a million $ smile right there! Cheers to uzalendo, you actually liked my glasses, read: KENYA FLAG! cheers!

  5. Hizio picha zimetiokea deadly, On the heppi parts it was my first visit and wasee wali haribika. Lookin fwd to next years.

  6. @wantai…..did we meet properly? If not, how come? Shame on you! Aki, me thinks this year nothing can top those two weekends. I am still milking it with entries hapa. And that London joint was called The Ram.
    @Bashia…thanks for popping by. Hata wewe, tulionana kweli? Looking forward to next year too!!!

  7. great pics from london and edinburgh,i was there to my son was playing for wales and he’s amongst your photos playing number 10.Thanks for letting us see your photos again

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