London 7s, 2007 Pictorial

Finally, the pictures from Twickenham are ready. Please click the link below the pic for access.


Twickenham Slideshow

I promise!!! Next post….Mocha! Awards. The Best and Worst of the Rugby Weekends!


13 thoughts on “London 7s, 2007 Pictorial”

  1. Loved it!!! Truly took my breath away I can see you are quite a talent behind the lens. I can almost smell the atmosphere and I trust the Kenyan crew were as loud as the look!
    You seem to have been fascinated by the blue Smurfs and BTW who is that chick in the Tusker Dress 🙂

  2. My mum rang me and said to check out your pics kwa seed! lol..
    Very nysss and I see my eye candy looking gooooood on there.
    and udi is a gomongo I saw what he said!

  3. @Kirima….glad they did take your breath away. Vile I was worried that they look horrible. And yes, they were loud. We are the most famous crowd in the Sevens tournaments…Kenyans around the world that is. Shame hakuna mafans kibao Hong Kong. Hopefully, soon we gonna change that.

    @farmgal….WACHA? Eye candy, wapi? Ebu point them out to me. LOL! Udi is an ngomongo! He will have alot to answer when he kujas this sides next year. Umeona egm ameleta kelele! What to do with these people? HHHMMM!

  4. First off, mbishas rookin ngundi!
    Second, mbona narefaiwa in the third person? Kwani nilido? Si I just ulizad if I can be part of the mwenjoyo festivities? I promise I’ll behave… NOT! 🙂 Besides, the more cameras present, the more that will be captured for posterity, au siyo?

  5. @egm….#1, thanks! #2, third person? Where, what, how? #3, you joining Udi is under discussion. Lakini now you have brought the camera manenoz….hhhmmmm!!! Watch this space.

  6. what’s with the smurfss? where’s papa smurf?

    and who’s the fly chintu in a tusker dress…YAUZA!

    those pics are clear, i’m feeling like i was there…like kirima said…mad talanta.

    i see…you?

  7. @modoathii….its part of the tradition. Wearing costumes. Alafu, it would look funny if it was only one dude. The fly chintu in the tusker dress is an up and coming designer I jua. She is very talented….so watch this space. Thank for the compliments. You see….who?

  8. You got some camera fingers something mean! Wow! Love the photos to bits! You can catch mine at my Jiwe website.

  9. maze thanx alot 4 the pics. by the way who is the dude in the above pic?he was highlighted alot kwani ni nani? keep it up bana.rep us chicks ama?

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