The Mocha! Rugby Awards

Ok…I know by now you are getting tired of hearing about Rugby to these extents. So, I promise this is the last time I am going to milk this cow and regular Mocha! programming will resume next week. Afterall, these were the best two weekends I have had since last year. So, Udi and egm (you jipoxer)….prepare for next year. Farmgal and I are putting our heads together to come up with a plan. Sawa?

Disclaimer: These awards are just my upuziness observations by sight and lens. They are not for real, but they might as well be as most of you reading this will testify.

Coolest Coach

This one definately goes to none other than Benjamin Ayimba. Keeping a cool head in the toughest of situations. I just hope he leads the team in the 2007/08 tour. He passes on his knowledge of the game and wisdom to the team with a firm and fair hand. Now all the team needs to do is up their game and get more points next season.

Hottie of the Team

Biko Adema. This teenager had mamis drooling over him. On and off the pitch. Who can blame them? From what I saw through my camera lens as I used it like a binoculars (or is it monoculars), dude plays good rugby. Si I mentioned he is the future of Kenyan rugby…..

Dodge Master / Mr Fast Legs

This award goes to either Collins Injera / Humphrey Kayange. After seeing what I saw on the pitch and the speed of these dudes, you can tell why I am confused here. Zoooommmm! Only thing that stopped them was slippery pitches and hard tackles. Otherwise, some of the good tries were scored as a result of either one of them.

Mr Butterfingers

Gibson Weru Kahuhia. Aki, I most broke my 400D and lens in the name of rugby, thank God for the neck strap. I can’t even begin to count the amount of times I jumped out of my seat in protest. Yaani, the amount of fumbles Gibu made….wacha tuu! Got love for you mate, lakini….!!! You made it up with a few tries and conversions….so I guess on that note you are forgiven. Still, this award is for you!


Unless you know someone, there are some things you just can’t stand especially off the pitch. So, this award I will give it to Dennis Mwanja.

Ass on Fire Award

…..goes to the Kenyan fans. Enuff said!

Cheering Wars Awards

Kenya v Fiji – Why lie, we beat them hands down due to the fact we had different chants and tunes. And also, we are recognised all over the world as having the loudest and most cheerful fans in the world. Win or lose, we are always behind our team 100%. Kweli, urongo?

Last but not least……..

Rear of the Year

This one undoubtedly goes to Victor Sudi Simiyu – SSSUUUUDDDIIIII!!!! Aki, I have never seen an ass on a jamaa look so good and tight. Kwanza in those tu shorts. Believe me, I wasnt the only one to comment about Sudi’s behind. Even jamaas had something to say. Check this clip out, be patient and listen carefully. Did I cop a feel? hhhmmmm……. 😉


Mitch Ocholla, Lavin Asego, Brian Nyikuli, Teddy Omondi and Lucas Onyango (OK….these are the peeps I jua). You were missed in London and Edinburgh.

To sum it up, the Kenya team ended the tournament fighting and they managed to reach a crucial final if not the most important one. Only Fiji stood in their way. They definately need to up their game seriously and I hope this happens in future tournaments and games.

Also, as I was checking the KRFU website, they have a ‘Friends for Rugby’ initiative going on (ama it has been stalled). How does it work? Anyone out there who can give a perspective on this. Manzee, me thinks the team need financial support to get things rolling. Au?

Happy Weekend and blog you on Monday!

p.s. How hot was this year’s kit?


14 thoughts on “The Mocha! Rugby Awards”

  1. Eh, if I don’t speak for myself, who will? Si I have to state my case? 🙂

    Lakini that youtube clip commenting on a particular posterior was just too funny! Kwanza the disclaimer before the said posterior came into view.

  2. Aco:
    picha previous posts! (sorry Mocha)

    ok seriously I know ZIP about Rugby! But kenyans cheering loudest I can believe!

  3. Clap Clap Clap for the Award Winners. I trust we can rely on your as our eyes and ears in future 7’s now keep your eyes or is it hands off Sudi’s Rear.

  4. Aco: seriously.. na vile nimeku-blow.. wacha udaku. previous post.

    AOB: Benja is my boy from home. He is such a gentleman. Impeccable and so down to earth.

  5. Yaani this sudi thing will not be going away….seen some tu-comments on my blog.
    will have to read this post fully later jioni.

  6. @egm…..sawa. Jitetee! As for the clip, it was too hilarious for me not to use it.

    @aco…kwani ni nini? Umelalia masikio hivi? Pics are in the two previous post bana. Even Pointi and Phassie have pointed it out.

    @aegeus……we are showing them mwenjoyoz. Life ni fupi dadi. Thanks!

    @Pointi…..hapo umenena. Kenyans are indeed loud.

    @Kirima…..that’s for sure. I will be the eyes and ears huku for as long as I can. I just hope there is help along the way and the boys improve their game.

    @phassie….I can’t argue with that. He is a sweetie and very down to earth.

    @farmgal…..hiyo ya Sudi haita enda, unless someone else comes in to patia him compe. Which I doubt….LOL!

  7. leave the thuthas alone. Ever wondered why jungus can’t stand up straight when drunk? Or their divorce rates?? Ish! Think it thru. And don’t worry, i’ll wait….

  8. Sudi got a***. I know i was screaming the loudest for Sudi’s behind, firm, tight, round….things i would do with that!

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