Weekend, Blockage, Summer & Tags…

This past weekend, I was invited to go to a Cuban Carnival in London. It was a wet day to start off with, but the weather improved. Unfortunately, towards the end of the day. Anywhoo, I took a few pics, so I thought I share them with you. Blogging mojo is on an all time low (nothing new there then, huh???). Blame it on Rugby. 

Some band on the stage (will put a clip up later). 

This is what it was all about… 

Can someone say ‘Exit Only’….. do jamaaz wear anklets?

And that was the weekend. Obviously there is more, but I will keep the rest to myself.

Now this happened to me yesterday. I got home looking forward to a nice warm shower after a long day to find this…… 

….the bloody thing had filled up with water and not draining. And all that gunk from the drains……wacha tuu.

Anyway, after alot of pumping and draining, I had to treat myself to this…. 

 ….succulent, sweet strawberries…..

……topped off with whipped cream of course. No time to waste with sijui proper presentation. Spray that cream on, sit back and enjoy.

The last time I enjoyed Strawberries and Cream was *eehhhhmmm* when I had a jamaa and…..*eeehhmmm* AAHHHH, jijazie!

Now, this twat (got love for you tho’) went and tagged me when I was enjoying Rugby in Scotland. Now vile I dont have a desk, does it count for me not to even attempt doing the tag?

Happy Tuesday wadhii!!!


16 thoughts on “Weekend, Blockage, Summer & Tags…”

  1. you’re excused.

    lakini that pikcha for anklet…forget the damn thing, to the left, to the left.

    at least it was only your shower. mine was half the house. and after a deadly night of dundaing.

    am i…

  2. nice pics Mocha!

    In my humble observation most guys who don on an anklet have been known to attend same sex rallies and own one too many pink shirts.

    I don’t know what that makes them…maybe gay? You be the judge!

  3. @farmgal…..ice cream was for later. This was an after dinner snack.

    @modo….I didnt even see the “to the left, to the left”. LOL!

    @Archer…..I agree 100%.

    @3N….hence my “Exit Only” comment!

  4. And then you put berries and cream when am in sudan? me I thot we were friends?

    Seriously those cubans know how to have fun

  5. @kirima…indeed. They were truly yummy!


    @inexes……si that is what straight jamaaz say.

    @gish….what ideas exactly?

    @pointi…..we are still friends, hence the pics. If we do meet, this dessert is on me. Sawa?

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