Ok, you will have to wait ’till tomorrow to see what it is.

Since most of you were issuing treats……I will have something special for you up in here.

Nimeboeka leo….so, bila vibe for y’all! Besides, after a heated conversation with a pal jana, I just realised I penda ‘Westerners’ aka in Kenya. So, if you fall in that criteria….toboa, I kagua! LOL!!!

You see, boredom aka blogging mojo on a low aka bloggers block….etc!

I hate arguing/being angry. It’s very rare that people see me angry. Most of the time I just keep quiet, unusually quiet. When I do blow my top…..I don’t think you would like to be in the room. Also, being a Taurus, I can be very stubborn when angry. Nothing gets through, only my opinion. Like the other day someone had the nerve to tell me not to waste their time coz I was delaying them by doing something they should have done right in the first place. Waaa…….ati I dont waste your time…..HINDIOT! If you had done your job properly, I wouldnt be wasting your time in the first place. Aki, I was like a bull huffing and puffing infront of a matador. NGOMONGO YEYE!!! Shame I don’t have a jamaa…..he would have patad proper mang’ulation in the jioniz. Dude would have thought its his birthday. LOL!!!

Lunch beckons….have a timam Thursday!


6 thoughts on “SPECIAL TREAT”

  1. Haya, nitakuja hapa kesho. Now, that bit of being your jamaa, si I can apply for the position (even though I am not Westerner)? Then I’ll just hire a bunch of people to constantly keep you blowing your top off, so that every day can be my birthday!

    Breako beckons. Enjoy the rest of your Thursday!

  2. Usijali mocha, bloggaritis affects all of us once in a while. As for not having a jamaa…I am together with eengiiiEm where can we forward our cvs? Anyway enjoy your Thursday jioni.
    ‘pretend like I am busy working’ beckons

  3. 3 very vital info.
    -Westerner – elaborate why..?
    -U bila jamaa – sa hizo sianda zinaenda waste Y… *ducking*
    -Mang’ualing – i can relate to that (yaani nikiwa on the receiving end)

    “gotta pretend to go to the Gym…” kesho basi!

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