Haiya basi…..

I was organising a picture CD for my pal and saw a few pics I wanted to share. The first two were to be done waaaaaayyyy back, but forgot about them. I just remembered how we laughed for weeks. Good thing I took photos.

My pal has this cool Graffiti fridge, where you can write on it using the special pens it comes with. Now, after a long day, this was her shopping list to be done over the weekend,

On closer inspection, I noticed something that I just couldn’t let go

Two items on that list just didn’t make sense…….and I thought I was terrible when it comes to shrubbing!

Now……for what most of you were waiting for. You can now stop issuing Farmgal with threats and I hope this shuts you lot up for good (who am I kidding). Gals, if this offends, poleni. God gave it to me, I might as well flaunt it! egm, Aegeus, modo, Archer, etc…….NO SALUTING PLEASE!!! LOL! OK….bila time wasting – click here HARAKA UPESI!

Happy Furahiday peoples na pia Sato na Sunday!



26 thoughts on “SPECIAL TREAT: Reloaded”

  1. I’ll be landing hapo hearthrow (ama gani iko karibu) like in the next 2 hours – dont move!!!!!!

    Tutajienjoy hii wikendi!

  2. and in the same spirit(!), I’d have gone for “Pread” andi “Toilet Baper”!! Now, is it to late to apologise?

  3. I demand more…Farmgal uko nazo nikuone sideways?…angles…sideways…plan…anterior views na kadhalika…uko na google earth pia?…weka io…hehehhe…thanks for the pictures…man!…this will make for a great week!…10 am one fine morning i open this…niice! 😀

  4. @egm…..sawa!

    @3N…thanks. Weekend was timam!

    @Archer….I am surprised that you didn’t see the other one until inexes pointed it out. TSK TSK TSK!

    @INEXES….nice one. Mshale not so very sharp sindio?

    @Archer…..GLOP??? MMHHHH…..can it be glove ama ni what?



    @Betty….it was a long day. Thanks!


    @Udi…..glad was here to make your day.

    @kirima…..yep, hata huku watu hu-unleash videadli.

    @farmgal….yaani after diverting peeps from issuing threats you come and toa me rangi like that. Sawa tuu!!! Lets make a deal, you take new shot when I visit for blogging purposes only? How about that? Holla, you know how.

    @Aegeus…..hakuna stori za sideways. Wee wacha. Aki chic if you unleash, tumeisha friends, kwanza zile za pinky swear. You dude, good to see I put a smile on your face first thing monday morning.

  5. A bulb is called girobu in kyuk so the mboch must have assumed it was glob in english..hahahaha..i cant blame her coz the kyuk lingo got loads of corrupted english words.

    Thanx for sharing your apple bottoms with us…lol..am jealous!

  6. @farmgal……wewe! I will penalise you. Lazima.

    @ebony…..LOL at bulb. tihihihihihihi!!! Now you are jealous of what. Those little things. Mahaga za kushikilia tuu! LOL!

  7. That shrub cracked me up! I see that a pic is the secret to getting many comments! I’ll keep that in mind but of course my pic won’t be of my toosh!

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