The weather has been crap lately, lakini summer is kicking with activities. This weather will not dampen my summer spirits. Besides, once winter checks in, hibernation people, hibernation.

I love funky/soulful house and I have searched and put together a few tunes in airwaves that might get you into the swing of things. Alafu, we already know the way Mondays can be dull. So, here goes nothing…..

This track is hot, esp. on a good sound system full of balanced out bass and trebles. This is UK Garage meets House. Tune is bangin’! 

Dave Spoon feat Lisa Mafia (Audio Only)

This one reminds me of Carni.

Armand van Helden – I Want Your Soul (Not Original Video)

This one always makes me want to get down…..literally

Groove Armada – Get Down

Ok…..this one is not ‘Housy’, but I just love it, esp. the video. I watched it once and like the track. This one may not be for everyone.

Calvin Harris – Girls

This is next one is a track I love coz I had to look for its release date and got it immediately after just hearing it just once.

Alex Gaudino feat Crystal Waters – Destination Calabria

This one is indeed a classic as it is still going strong….

Fish Go Deep – The Cure and The Cause

Happy Monday people!


5 thoughts on “SUMMER TUNES”

  1. @spidey…..mum told me the same. Poleni! Hope this tunes warm you right up!

    @inexes…..umeenjoy?? More soon!

    @3N…..No problemo! Enjoy the rest of the week too!

  2. I remember the calabria one…you had mentioned it would be a summer hit?…i guess you were right…. well i loved it! Will let the others load overnight nitaskiza asubuhi…Thanks for the tunes! 🙂

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