A Walk In The Park – Part One

OK….I tell a lie! Just didn’t have a better heading and Part Two will be just that…..

The following pictorial is from my stay in MK over the weekend. My pals garden was full of activity. The weather was crap, but I managed to get some gems using my newest toy of a lens, a Sigma 70 – 300mm (on loan until I can afford one). Of course, I was using the Macro end of the lens 200-300mm to take these pics. All I can say is that I have tried.

These flowers were on the drive way of my pals house. Seeing them away from the lens, you wouldn’t think they were this beautiful. Aaaahhh, I love summer.

Hidden in the vines…..a Strawberry ready for harvest. It tasted good too. Nothing beats Organic food.

More Strawberries…..ready to be plucked and creamed!

The ripe and the not soo ripe

A tiny bug on a tiny flower

A raindrop on a white rose!

Another kind of rose flower…….beautiful petals!

I call this one ‘Diamond on a Rose’. The raindrop on the petals look like stratigically placed diamonds as if in a photo shoot.

Another white rose thrown in for good measure.

Reflection on the mirror – White lilies at my pals crib. Nice, huh?

One of the lilies up close.

I almost crushed this little bugger……looks like its on a wall or something.

More tomorrow………

Summer warmth aka hugs, esp. to those is chilly Nairobi/Kenya!

Kisses, Mocha!

8 thoughts on “A Walk In The Park – Part One”

  1. EEEEEk! Stomp the bugger!

    I love the pictures…kwanza the rose flower with the yellowish petals…lovely…then that diamond on a rose…very very nice! Keep them coming! I cant wait for part 2!

    Now si those hugs usambaze…its cold out here! 🙂

  2. Ah, the 70-300mm! Those are nice pics you got with it. Lakini I’m still not happy I can’t focus close enough for the subject to fill the frame. Looks like I might have to get extension tubes or something…

  3. daaaaaaaaamn! those pic are the best. perfect picture quality (said by a photo-idiot). don’t stomp the bugger (kweda aegeus) where’s the fun….set it ablaze.

    but why lie the pics are refreshing!

  4. na mimi off to buy a camera, kwani every body is eye to the lense. Alaafu hii summer iko wapi? sii it is floods now atii global nani? sii arudi

  5. @Aegeus….thanks! As for the bug, I let it be. It gave me a good foto.

    @egm…i guess it just takes practice. I had to take lots of pics to get it right. Alafu, it was windy, so you can imagine my frustration. End result always pays up for all that though and I am happy with these pictures.

    @kirima….I am not big on close-ups either, but they can be good for portraits, etc. Learning curve for me until I find my niche.

    @farmgal….weee hizo ni for private use only. In the meantime, enjoy this ones. LOL!

    @modo….thanks. I tried to get good pics. LOL @ setting the bug ablaze.

    @3TC……that is the in thing this year or so I have noticed since I went SLR. Its like photography madness. Peeps are really getting into it. No more compacts. If it aint big, you aint ballin’! LOL! Besides, its always fun to stop a random stranger asking them about their kit. As for the floods….God help us all!

  6. Kwanza, what pictures are these Farmgal is hinting about? 🙂

    In one of the photo books I was reading the author says that to get clear pictures, he recommends use of a tripod any time the numerical shutter speed value is less than the longest focal length of the lens in use. So for the 70-300mm, if the shutter speed is less than 300, then use a tripod. So nowadays the tripod goes everywhere with me. I need to get one of those bags with a quick release tripod attachment.

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