A Walk in the Park – Part Two

More pictures from my weekend in MK. These were taken as I walked round the greenery and Willen Lake. This is what summer is all about……going out to enjoy the fresh air.

This swan was feeling huko maua in the middles of the lake……I got you (after several attempts)!

A black snail I captured by chance as I was walking by the lake bank. This pic has been edited by adding Gaussian Blur to the grass so the focus is on the snail.

One of the many pics that was hard to photograph and get it so clearly. Shooting moving subjects with the sigma lens was a challenge, but I soon managed to get nice shots, like of this duck.

If you think the swan was hard, you are wrong. This duck was being a ngomongo. It kept dipping its head in the water just when I was ready to take its picture. Out of almost ten frames this was one of the few that came out nicely.

A parting shot from the duck above…….just love the ripples on the water.

I have always been facinated by cobwebs and this is my first attempt to photograph one.

More flowers

The famous English Canal

The water fountain in Campbell Park, Milton Keynes.

One of the many art installations around the city of MK. This one is near the Gallery in the city centre.

A close-up shot of the Gallery entrance wall.

That’s it folks…..hopefully, I will have more pics when I visit Farmgal in July.

Happy Mid-week!


11 thoughts on “A Walk in the Park – Part Two”

  1. I love the pictures of the duck lovely shots those…skip the snail…having lunch….then there is that that spidey will like…the the things in the water looking like a certain infamous b-train…hehhehe…again spidey…heheheheh!!…Looks like MK is a lovely place to be! Great shots…you have the “touch”

  2. Oh yes! Getting shots of uncooperative ngomongo critters is a nightmare! I know the frustration of waiting for the perfect moment, then just as you press the shutter release the creature does a number on you. Thank God for high speed shooting for moments like these!

    Lovely pics! Giving me ideas…

  3. @Kirima, now whenever I see a picture that takes my breath away, I appreciate the effort that must have gone into capturing it. I know with experience this will be easier to do, but for now… it’s a battle. Mocha says the truth when she states that you could take several frames and end up with just one good one of all those.

  4. By the way Digitals frustrate me the shutter response speed is mostly wack – in compacts at least! By the time the camera processes the snap the object has already shifted or is just mine.

  5. Kirima, that’s an anomaly of the point and shoots that is just inherent in their design. DSLRs are a completely different animal all together. You get almost instanteneous response from when you press the shutter release to when the release actually happens. And like I mentioned, at high speed shooting, holding down the shutter release button will get you speeds of up to 5 frames per second on certain models, with 3 frames per second being the case for most. A sheer joy to work with, these DSLRs are!

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