Now what is this supposed to mean? You jamaaz reading this, ebu explain.

“I didn’t know how to tell you.”

Let me explain……. 

I had a conversation with someone who I thought was my pal. Yes, we dated, I flew the coup and surprisingly, on my part, remained in touch and good friends. Right now, DELETE has never been used so much in my life like now.

I recently found out that dude is engaged to be married and to be honest, I am happy for the jamaa. So, when the other day he came online and I quickly expressed my best wishes. He was more than surprised how I got to know about his engagement. Well, I didn’t reveal my source for the news. Then out of nowhere, I get the line above.

To be honest, I didn’t even know what to say, but I just told him, its a shame I got to hear it from other people and not him. He may have his reasons for not telling me, but to come out with a line like that………aaiiii!!!

Ama what do you guys think? Babes, you can comment as well!

16 thoughts on “HUH????”

  1. @mocha!
    indeed, no one says it or explains it better than this bwana X of yours “i didn’t know how to tell you” he was tongue-tied…
    tongue tiedness is not much of an excuse, but hey “all is fair in love and war”..!
    ps:- i’m not taking sides;
    pps:-great looking pictures:=)

  2. Tough challenge you have thrown to the guys there.
    I don’t think I can explain but you have to know that people cannot always say the right thing especially when it matters. its human. Not much use am I! let others speak.

  3. Seeing as which I am not engaged to be married soon I have no idea how it is to be in his shoes but I guess given your history he didn’t know how to go about breaking the news to you, so he thought you would find out eventually or something.
    Not much of an answer but that’s what I think.
    Otherwise hope things are well.

  4. Bilas..ati he didn’t know how to tell you..asiii!! si you pick up phone dial number and sema ‘hey M, am getting married’ lol ama ange text..kwani how many ways are there.

    Unless of course he thought if he told you you’d break down in tears and all and he just didn’t want that he wondered how else to tell you without making you sad…lol those are the only 2 explanations to that line of his..i think.

    aki men!!

  5. Maybe he never wanted u to know at all,so the line above was an excuse since he never expected u to know. Am not sure of the circumstances of your split but cud be a reason why he din’t tel you he was marrying. Or maybe he daent want u to know who he’ll be marrying! Men can be weird!

  6. Eish, kwani betty you read my thought?
    Me thinks that this dude was deluded that you were still so into him & if he told you… you will be so heart broken…. Very lame excuse indeed!!!

  7. My Ex said the same thing. I figre maybe he thinks that if he tells you then he has to invite you and that might be a tad akward for maybe both of you.

  8. Me thinks he is trying ot convinve himself ati he would have hurt you if he had told you! Devastation and paint drinking would ensue! Tsk! he he he

  9. @ all….We remained pals and communicated. Read paragraph two. I knew about the mama coz he mentioned it when they started dating. I was happy for him then as I am now. Sasa ndoa ni nini? Its called moving on….! Duh?

  10. Yup, I did read that. Lakini ndoa labda aliona is a major step, and he thought you were not 100% over stuff, thus his fear of your reaction which might have been aggravated by knowing ndoa was coming up. I don’t know. Just my guess.

  11. Nimenyita kabisa. My point was, I don’t think he was fully convinced that you had moved on. Thus his reaction. Which, as I pointed out, is just me guessing as to why he did what he did.

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