Chics….How To Know Who Your True Friends Are

Mami’s who will tell you ANYTHING!!! Unlike this mami here….who are her pals? Surely!!!

Scene One

A group of mamis are getting ready for a night on the tiles (going out). One chic has an outfit and unfortunately, the bra she is wearing doesn’t match the top. As in the top is sleeveless and black, where are the bra is a different colour contrasting very badly with the top, a black top at that. There is a way you can wear a sleeveless top with a bra and make the bra straps look like the straps of the top. If it doesn’t match, then the top has to go. AAAANNNDD, invisible straps are NOT invisible. So, don’t even go there. We all know that most of us can’t without wearing a bra, esp. with the straps.

Scene Two

Mocha! is the club and very observant. In walks a chic with her pal and the chic is wearing white trousers. This is a club that has an abundance of them UV (purple) lights. So you know what happens when it lands on white. As chic turns (ass facing Mocha!), I notice a very weird spot dead center of the butt area. I call the pal and ask her politely to tell the mami about the ‘stain’. Pal says ok and goes back to sit down. Two minutes later (which by the way is very long in this situation), the pal still hasn’t mentioned what I said to the chic. Later, I see mami standing and shaking her ass like there was no tomorrow. Embarassing bit is, I was with a pal who is a jamaa. He actually asked me if I juad the chic and I said no. Just that I saw something. Later, I pointed it out to him and the look on his face said it all. Why didn’t the pal say nothing? If she did, was the chic even bothered? Keroro or not, somethings you just don’t ignore. aaiiisshhh!!!

Scene Three

Same club different mami.

‘Michelin’ chic (see Archer’s rugby pics for an idea) walks in with a group of her buddies wearing the shortest skirt ever. Ok, only when she wears it. Even an attempt of it masquerading as a belt, wacha tuu. At first, I thought they were hot pants then all that changed when I saw red panties peeping from the bottom of the skirt/belt/material/whatever. To top it off, she had mesh tights on. At one point of her gyrating on the dance floor and the item of clothing was riding higher and higher (mpaka you shangaa to where), one of her pals was seen attempting to pull it back down into position. Now it makes you wonder, why didn’t they tell the mama that the ‘skirt’ is a no-no? I know about the ‘if you’ve got it, you flaunt it’, lakini in this case, it SURELY doesnt apply.

Ebu share some of your ‘observations’!

Happy Pre-weekend!


16 thoughts on “Chics….How To Know Who Your True Friends Are”

  1. Scene 1 – Just give her a brochure for strapless bras,
    Scene 2 – Green eyed Pal obviously doesn’t mind her buddy being embarrased in public tsk
    Scene 3 – Now, you should have posted the real pictures of the chic in question and let us chambua her 🙂

  2. Now you shared some info hapo scene 1 which threw my mind off the track kabisa!!

    *Shaking head to clear it.

    All scenes are very very embarassing enough but more so S2 & 3! Gals, choose your pals very carefully!

  3. 1. maybe the pals have the same dress style? birds of a feather do flock together.
    2. maybe too drunk to care?
    3. she thinks more stares from jamaaz means ‘i’m hot’ …probably didn’t consult anyone before strutting her stuff.

    nice post mocha!reminded me to value the friends i have.

  4. Get some genuine friends is all i can say…tried and trusted.

    And as for scene 3 si after riding up it was inside out ama? Tihiii!!

  5. In the interests of science, a camera could have really brought out the issues at hand!

    LOL! From those scenes clearly some of us need real buddies.

  6. The kind of friends you choose they reflect your image at some point. Best advise choose your friends well.
    Next time I see you will have to strap the Cam close for these people.

  7. Gish..aaiii what compe??

    Ati am seen with you dressed like said gal in scene 3?afadhali tukosane..they say “your friends are who you are”..and that mama for the stain, imagine how uncomfy it feels tayari at that time of the month (i assume) going out and sijui you’ve vaaad bikers ngapi,bullets/daps ishirini just that chic ata kama ni keroro..too much!! her pal if she didn’t tell her..shock shock!!!

  8. It’s not even just friends of the same sex. If a chic dresses funny, I bolt. I don’t like attention and that is what will be brought my way if I ignored.

    So basically, I always point out the mistakes, then I am mistaken in the long run. If your dress looks funny on you, I don’t sugar coat my comments. No wonder I am alone.

  9. yaani….scene 3 I had a camera, but was slow to take pics of the mami. Next time, I will be huko kipaparazzi like a nonsense. I know of someone who did take a picture, waiting for them to upload on their website. Keep it here for updates.

  10. just maybe, maybe the friends to these gals did say something to them, but the said gals were not having it.

    I hear you on the invisible straps arenot invisible……..I wish I had permission to tell the wearers.

  11. Chics rarely if ever tell each other the truth, they would rather have harmony than anything that brings discord into the mix!
    When that pic uploads ebu share!

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