Don’t Be An ‘HINDIOT’!

You men (pole for generalising it) never cease to amaze me. Still, I got love for you.

Another interesting conversation with one of my male friends.

We were catching up online the other day and the usual questions of how is your mama, etc came about. This is a dude who I jua to have a supuu for a chic (french fry:Archer 2007).

Now, he went ahead and told me vile the chic is out of town for awhile (school) and he misses pudesh like WOW. The other day in the club, he met a mami he knows and she was all over him like a rash. Here I am thinking, please don’t tell me you slept with her. Anyway, I went ahead and asked him, I hope you aint cheating on your mami with this chic you met. He was like, BILAS…..all she does is patia me head. That isn’t cheating on so and so, is it?

Let’s just say, I logged off.


13 thoughts on “Don’t Be An ‘HINDIOT’!”

  1. ROTFL…WHAT?! Indeed it is cheating…kwani what is the definition of cheating with this pal? **shaking head sadly**

  2. @kirima….unfortunately, no! His name is not Bill.

    @farmgal…..kuenjoy tuu! Of course it is!

    @luna….thanks for popping round. Its not funny, just my experience with people….ok, it is funny. LOL!

    @betty….my eyes almost popped out as I did the rolling.

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