Tuesday Randomness

Weekend was deadlie….unfortunately, no pics!

So the smoking ban in the UK is on. People must be feeling the pinch that now you cannot smoke anywhere in an enclosed public space all over the UK. For me its a huge YYIIIPPPEEE…the days of going back home smelling like an ashtray are gone. I used to hate the way my hair used to smell and I cant keep washing it everytime I went out or even your inner wear was smelling of cigarette smoke. Besides, my lungs mean alot to me.

Judging from Kirima’s round-up, relationships are hard work. Question is, are you prepared? I have had the best of both worlds, but that doesn’t stop me from venturing into a relationship again, no matter how scary it is. Its even worse when you have been single for quite a long time or on the BT for a long time. Just like swimming or riding a bike, you get back into it once you have remembered how.

Is it true you can tell if a person is good in bed by how they kiss?

Bila blogging mojo this week….so that is it for today….perhaps the rest of the week!


18 thoughts on “Tuesday Randomness”

  1. I wish the smoking ban can be extended to here aw well, Relationships can be very hard but there would be no thrill to life if they were that easy. Check out M’s latesest post for more dude/babe dilema’s

    True about relationships. No thrill if they were easy. I also get shocked when a couple sema ati they don’t argue. Such a relationship is doomed. Already checked it out….hilarious.

  2. My home town in Kenya is a smoke-free zone. I hope they implement that here too.
    It is not true. No relationship exists between kissing and bedroom activities. Kissing varies with time, location and other things as well. The other is constant. Just my honest opinion.

    Damn…ok! Thats progress on your hometown. As for the kissing and bedroom activities…I beg to differ!

  3. First time I walked into a club in Boston after the ban on smoking it felt REFRESHING! Now when I go to a different state where smoking is still allowed in certain establishments I find it very weird, vile I[‘m used to a smoke free environment.
    Happy rest of the week!

    I know what you mean when it comes to REFRESHING….I loved Scotland for that. Happy rest of the week to you too!

  4. No smoking would be great esp in clubs some freshness would be good for a change.
    For me it works better after a break from all the drama. Kissing and strokage have no relation me thinks.

    Yep….a welcoming change at that. I hear you on the break from relationships. Hhhhmm, you think!

  5. I used to think it was all theory, but from experince if ur not feeling the kisses u wont feel the strokes.

    Kafai….thanks for pitiaing mine. I used to think it was theory as well.

  6. aii i wouldn’t know if that theory is true either..lol ok can’t remember if all the gud kissers were all that and vice versa..gosh..am worried!!!lol ati ‘i can’t remember’ hahaha

    LMAO betty….talk about selling yourself short. TIHIHIHIHI

  7. Certainly a good thing for the non smokers and the smokers too. Am non committal on the kissing bit but as it were, all these things are a part of a larger picture. If they are all coming in their best form, i bet the bigger picture forms even better.

    Its is a good thing. I know people who smoke and coz of the ban they have reduced their inhaling activities.

  8. Kiss = strokes
    There’s absolutely no way that a bad kisser can be good in bed. A nervous kisser is likely to be shy and conservative in bed. A voracious kisser is likely to be quite aggressive in bed. An adventurous and passionate kisser is likely to be quite adventurous in bed.
    A boring kisser on the other hand…well…wao ndio wanaoitwa “ukimaliza nifunike”!!

    LMAO….ROFLMAO…..LOL….TIHIHIHIHIHI @ “ukimaliza nifunike”. How true!

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