They Are Related & More…

First, before I go any further….Happy ‘Fireworks’ Display Day aka 4th of July to all you out there in Oteto!

Now, I asked this question in my previous post:

“Is it true you can tell if a person is good in bed by how they kiss?”

I believe it is true and I acknowledge this from experience. Judging from most of the comments….people do agree with me.

Nothing is as horrid as having a jamaa slobbering all over you and you expect him to unleash mind blowing sex after wiping your face down. AAAAAHHHH…..NO! You are still trying to get his saliva from your face other than your lips and its environs and then you expect to go to bed with this clumsy git. AAIII, hapana! Such activities should be reserved for a quick melting ice-cream or lollipop. Not when I want to get down and dirty. Now if the facial lips get rough treatment na hizo zingine je?

Ok….enough of the details. Let me just say, for those who are yet to experience this, be prepared.

Other news…….good news at that, thank God for the release of the BBC reporter, Alan Johnston.

This news article made me laugh yesterday. Talk about other uses for the condom.

There is this place I have come to enjoy going to coz the DJ plays good music on a Friday night. So this day I go there with a pal and the bouncer at the door – without battering an eyelid – said, “Not today.” “Why?” we asked all shocked. “Management.” he said. And even before we could ask more questions, the rope was put aside for us to be on our way. Yaani, I was soo livid and upset coz my pal was a guest and I had patiad that place a good rev. Only to come and be frozen at the door. Guess what? We are the only people at the time in the queue who didn’t go in and black. Oh…in case you are wondering, the bouncer is black as well. To cut the long story short, we took our custom to another joint. Although we had fun in this new place, the incident from before kinda put a damper on things.

The DJ in this other place was off the hook. Maybe it has to do with the fact she was a mami. She even played a track which I have been looking for since it was released in Summer 2002 and love til now. So, if you are out there and see the 12″ to this song… hivyo! 😉 

Tim Deluxe feat. Sam Obernik – It Just Won’t Do

Happy mid-week you, you and you!


12 thoughts on “They Are Related & More…”

  1. That Storo of misusing condoms is just too funny.
    As for you question: Sloppy kiss=sloppy strokes and vice versa – why do I end up having thoughts of Angelina and the possibilities those lips portend?

  2. shock! things like that still happen…. reminds me of archer’s experience last year… damn sad. You’re easy about it, calling it “just dampened” your view of the place. if i was the one, i think i’ll organise a revisit and do some unmentionable things to the place. legally of coz…. 🙂
    keep ur head up blakgal! as for the @u#$ing racists in that joint, stic n hit them up!

  3. a trully sad xperience that kissing one … but i wouldn’t make generalizations without a statistically significant sample size, say n = 25 bad kisssing jamaaz. hehee, r u willing to endure such torment … me doubt … pole lakini. next one will munju you videadly …

  4. That bouncer is the fokojembe of the week. Aki I’d have gone straight to race and equality to launch a complaint!
    Soray siste….
    That kissing thing ewwww

  5. Is there a ‘kisser’ and a ‘kissed’ in kissing? Seems we are laliaing jamaas too much. I had a similar experience with a local club. Kwanza its those nights when there are long queues. I pangad the line with my pals (White) and guess what just at the door a bouncer walks over to me and tells me “sorry sir, its a private function”. After all that queuing and then why admit my pals and freeze me. Talk of racism. My white pals tried to cause but nothing doing. We had to relocate to another place. Its probably my worst experience in Britain.

  6. sad, about the racism.
    anyway, about the kissing, i hate wet sloppy kissers….
    it has a way of putting you off.
    don’t know if i will ever kenya, hope to stay here for ever

  7. @kirima….indeed, too funny. Funny you should mention Angelina. Was watching Tomb Raider on telly the other day and I was in awe how big her boobs are. Ama ni t-shirt?

    @maza….unfortunately, they still do happen. Shocking thing is the dude in question was a nyeuthi. Mpaka it makes you wonder, not that I was after favour or anything. Just fun. I had fun in the other joint though.

    @mwangi….believe me I have had good kissers out there and they unleash the goods. A fair share of bad kissers as well. You can’t kiss with your hands tied to your back. So, the fondling that comes with the kissing in enough to make me go NEXT!

    @Farmgal….indeed a Forkojembe!

    @Peter….I am not. Even the dudes can tell you kissing horror stories. I just semad the story from my perspective….a chic. Kumbe si mimi peke yangu na pitia ujinga kwa maclub. Mashenzi!

    @Frankie…..sad, I know.

    @super…..I already warned them, so they were dressed appropriately. As for the club, this was the first time it has happened and I have gone there when the bouncer in question was at the door. And yes, it did happen in Brito. If you don’t believe me, read Peter’s comment. Different city, same Britain. Thanks for pitiaing myspace as well. You are more than welcome.

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