It just hit me…..its already the second half of the year. Where has the time gone?

Only when you are having fun…..huh?

I love browsing the net and like everything you love doing, there are times it just gets tedious and boring. Until something interesting comes to break that……

…….In my case, I came along this website for a Kenyan movie called Malooned. You will find the trailer/clips on the website itself or YouTube. Looking at the title, is it a shrub ama ni what? Anyway……

Comparing it to the Naija movies, damn, the sound quality and picture clarity is off the hook. We need more. Who is with me on this one? At this rate, I will have to start my Christmas wishlist now. Better yet………revise this one! We need to promote anything Kenyan and I love movies and music. So, I may just have to holla at you bloggers in the city to do the necessary. 😉

Whilst on the subject of Kenyan arts…..you can take the man out of the village but you can’t take the village out of the man. Check this video out, do you see what I mean?

Why is it always Kyuks? Aki my people need help.

Another weekend is with us again and like Farmgal, I too shall be attending a wedding. I am meant to go for Slough Sevens before the wedding, but I am still divided about this decision as I write this. If you see the pics, I went. Pics for the wedding…..hhhmmm, I will decide whether to share.

I shall leave you once again with some musical gems……..

Tony Toni Tone – Lay Your Head On My Pillow

Anita Baker – Sweet Love

Feddy Jackson – Rock Me Tonight

Evelyne ‘Champagne’ King – I’m In Love

Simply Red – Something Got Me Started

Smooches for the weekend! 😉

9 thoughts on “DANG!!!”

  1. Kenyan Movies: Nice quality (as u say better than west african ones!). Strange setting though!

    Intriguing that the Chic discovers that Luther is ‘uncircumci..’ hint: he should learn to make foreplay longer? LOL

    Mocha’s wishlist– style up and get an i-phone not an ipod. Bose speakers instead of subwoofer thing?

    Mocha’s music collection: Lay on my pillow–literally?

    Good stuff!

  2. How it does sunshine!

    That Anita Baker is untouchable.

    Evelyn Champagne King is overlooked as one of the strong voiced singers of the late 70’s/early 80’s.

    Kyuk benga videos are an artform to themselves.

  3. something got me started! gal, you took me weeeeeeeey back! thenx for makin’ my weekedn…. manze vile am into that song! bookmarked it for real…… nitaanza na that youtube link every morning for the next 60 months hivi!

  4. Dang! That Kyuk video was done in Boston! I started watching it, then I’m like, I recognize that park where the guitarists are. But I wasn’t sure, until later in the video I saw footage of a section of the waterfront and knew for sure. Eh, kweli y’all are creative!

    Thanks for the zikis. Make for some good memories…

    Furahia weekend, and yes, share the wedding pics!

  5. @aco….thanks, it was off the hook!

    @super….i know. The setting is strange but unique in a way. Just love the camera angles. Never thought it possible in Kenya cinema. As for my wishlist….I will be revising it. Watch out for the new version.

    @Makanga….I hear you on the music front. Those women….wacha tuu! I never used to like Anita Baker, lakini now….


    @maza….that tune is off the hinges, kwanza the club remix.

    @egm….dang indeed! The shopping and stalker poses just made me laugh. Picha soon!

    @kelitu….LOL! Glad it made your weekend!

    @kymmbr…..I am gud. Hope you are too?

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