Saba Saba Weekend!

This past weekend was off the hinges. Maybe it had to do with the date (7/7/07), I don’t know. I had a blast.

On Friday, I went and watched Die Hard 4.0 with a friend. I have to admit, the movie was ok, but judging from what the critics said…..Yep, the first one was the best. Would I recommend you to go see it? If you are into action packed films, then yes, please watch it on big screen. Don’t expect too much out of the film though in terms of the plot and stuff.

Saturday, saw me commute to Slough for the annual Slough Sevens event. Last year (read second paragraph) was our first appearance and this year we didn’t disappoint, although we were late for our first game. There was no Tusker tent this year, but food was there. The team did well and we won our first cup in the Bowl Final, beating Windsor 24 – 19. I will upload more pics soon, in the meantime, enjoy these ones.

The team prepping the tent after a game.

Organising the tent parts for it to go up without any problems.

2007 Kenya Exiles team (Please join us to make this team bigger and better for future tournaments) – Well done guys for winning the Bowl!

Partially cloudy skies, but the weather was more than perfect.

The team and the day’s supporters celebrating winning the final game. Good times!

After the presentation of the cup and a mini BBQ, I made my way home to get ready for my pal’s wedding. I was late, but better that than never. Thank goodness it was close to where I leave, so I made it towards the final hours of the event. Everybody I knew or didn’t know looked hot apart from the few who chose not to make an effort. The music, food and the people had a good time wishing the happy couple the best for the future.

In case you are all wondering what I wore…….let the pic below speak for itself

Yep…..them legs came out! They rarely do, so I thought I make an exception.

Sunday, bummed the whole day watching movies.

Happy Monday!

Mocha!’s TunePic: Joe – I Don’t Want To Be A Player

p.s.: Archer blogged about it and I saw it being worn by one or two supporters. Now I know why they chose that electrifying colour. Under the sun it really burns your eyes….is that Chelsea’s game plan to win next season? We will have to wait and see!


14 thoughts on “Saba Saba Weekend!”

  1. Heh, I guess my Die Hard radar differs from yours and the critics, cause for me, I enjoyed this latest one the most out of all 4. Transformers umeona?

  2. Good times you had again this weekend it seems alot of Rugby is going down in the UK. Nice party dress you know we never get enough of photos.

  3. Nice picture of your short blue dress…now those muguus…nice! **tilting monitor trying to peer around the picture edge for her face**

  4. @farmgal….more pics kando!

    @EGM….I enjoyed 4.0 lakini ya fao ndio the business. Transformers bado…next in line pamoja na Shrek. Also, I have to watch Rush Hour 3 big screen for the cinema atmosphere tuu. Chris Tucker is mental! Seen the trailer bit where he slaps the asian dude for speaking in french….hilarious!

    @Kirima….be glad you are getting at least one. Nikianza kugoma ati no more pics, what will you do then? We have to enjoy the summer and sports is the way forward. Killing two birds with one stone….exercise and mwenjoyos!

    @udi……lol, I think that is the last time they may come out. Vile summer has misbehaved this year. We shall wait and see. Alafu, where is this other blog like mine?

    @aegeus…..ebu don’t get muscle cramps kwa shingo. Thanks…I love blue and this dress was the business!

    @super….figure gani? The action in the movie was timam…it really didnt disappoint.

  5. @super……wee wacha!

    @betty…….eehhh, thanks!

    @gish….lol, bilas!

    @udi….there was software glitch on WordPress’ part and its all sorted. It was affecting the feeds!

  6. keyboard has chomekad…anybody have a drool guard?

    Nice, nice, nice, nice, nice, NICEST. the pix that is. they made a ‘short’ debut and left a lasting impression…

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