Mocha!’s Slough Sevens Pics

Finally, I sorted my pics from Slough 7s.

I hope you like ’em!

egm….this pic is for you. That lens is off the hook. A Canon f2.8 70-200mm. If only I could afford it! The camera is a Canon 5D also off the hinges….lets just say, my neck was hurting after lugging this kit around. After a while my camera felt like a feather weight!

Mocha! Gallery

Mocha!’s TunePick: Sandy B – Make The World Go Round


13 thoughts on “Mocha!’s Slough Sevens Pics”

  1. Mocha wazzap with u? I mean the tunes that u unleashing—they bring out the Klub animal in me! Good stufffffffffffffffff…..! As for ur knack and tact for de lenz (lens), u in a class of ur own– i feel the passion— can u deny that u are a real tomboy? (no offense– this is a komplime…u get stuff done!)

  2. @aegeus……panguza mate msela! Thanks for the dreadi compliment. Kujaribu tuu!


    @Phassie….you have a gud eye huh? Thanks though!

    @super….I am good. Katika bana…I just love funky/soulful house. I am being drawn to elecro house too, but only a few tracks. As for photography….the passion is growing mdogo mdogo. When you have a good kit, it gets exciting. And I aint denying it, I am a tom-boy. I just don’t ‘act’ like one. What made you say that though?


  3. Nice camera!! Looks mighty expensive too! If and when I do fleece some big ass company, I’ll buy you one with two more inches (so yours can be bigger than everyone else’s!!)

  4. Thanks for that pic! Yaani, I can see how them cameras would weigh you down. I took pictures of a couple of the ginormous cameras juzi, and those things made my already big camera look like a toy!

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