Q & A with Mocha! – Part II

This story can be found here. I have a question though, as Kenyans, do we ever mature(grow-up) or? Now what is this, surely? CAUTION: Link contains over 18 content. So, proceed at your own risk of being caught by mdosi and getting the sack. You know the drill. 

Well, why lie………the bloggers block virus has hit me, so I need your help. 😦

I am revisiting the Q&A that I did in my old blog, so any questions you have for the ‘Licious that have not be asked before can be posted here with/as your comments.

The rules:

  • Well, there are no rules. So feel free to ask me whatever you want. There are no limits to how many questions you can ask. I will only try to answer them all.

The answers will be published next week.

Well……what are you waiting for…wacha I go get my brain juice pumped in to my head. LOL!!! 🙂

In the meantime, I shall leave you with more musical gems for the weekend (super…..ongeza volume kwa spinje {speakers}):

Robin S – Show Me Love

Snap – Rhythm Is A Dancer

New Kids on the Block – Step by Step (This is a pure gem….LOL)

Whitney Houston – I Wanna Dance With Somebody (What happened to this mama?)

Indeep – Last Night A Dj Saved My Life {Mariah Carey Cover & Seamus Haji feat. Kayjay Cover}


11 thoughts on “Q & A with Mocha! – Part II”

  1. I get to be the first to ask:

    Is there a new mr. mocha or a current one? If yes,
    What criteria did you use?
    What is your stand on FGM and Abortion?

    More to come later.

  2. @mocha!
    question:-now that someone else has a similar blog title like you, are you flattered by the imitation or insulted by the spoof?
    PS:-hope you are sawa!not much of a summer here in Liverpool!
    (Listening to Robin Thicke lost without you)

  3. @mocha- I told u that u have copy cat. See Luke’s question.

    My question- Have you ever made love with candles and bubbles sipping in your tub? or be naked and glistening beneath the moonlight mist?

    LOL. You semad u would answer every question. So jibu tafadhali. LOL.

  4. while I think of a question.

    back to the clip with adam adam and eve. Many questions there………..first one, why does the dude being frog-matched look happy? he is even talking to the men tagging along? second one; why are there ONLY men in the crowd?
    third question; WHAT IN THE WORLD? fourth one: how do two adults get frog matched like that?

    will be back with questions that you may be able to answer- queations about you.

  5. you are driving the bus…twenty people get on the next stop…and two people get off….five more get off and one gets on…what color are the drivers eyes?

  6. Which (male) blogger, given the chance and opportunity, would you like to dance the horizonal rhumba with? (si you said I ask any question? 🙂 )

    Ati you have a doppelganger? News to me, ebu share!!!

  7. Ok serious question now. What’s your MAIN occupation? Do you do your DJ’ing and photography on the side ama is it part of your main jobiso?

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