Off the hinges….I am still recovering.

Wacha, I will be back kesho with details.

Farmgal, thanks for the invite. It was fun…..we should do it again.

Aegeus, Archer and Udi……global meet-up? It was nice to vibe over the wire!

Kwanza, who is blogging about the Nai meet-up? Wacheni ujinga, ebu tell us internationals how it went.

Off to recoup’

Mocha!’s TunePick: Nonini & Co. – Si Lazima


15 thoughts on “Weekend???”

  1. Global meet up was such a plan bana!!! But us guys had such a ball bana!! Let’s see who’ll do a roundup.

    By the way, I gave Inexes what you asked me to give him, ask him!!

    It was a plan. Next time we do it on speaker phone au? Thanks for passing the message to inexes. He confirmed he got it.

  2. A lot of secrecy sorrounding today’s post it seems, eeh? Farmgal I also want an invite, Aegeus and Udi do the roundup faster. Archer, you only had enough for Inexess?


  3. si we are organizing a meet up in Dec for exiles…hope it will be as much fun.
    archer what is this that you gave to inexess and bomseh also wants?

    A meet-up for exiles….sounds interesting. aiiii 3N even you! Wacheni udaku ukiwa na Bomseh!

  4. yaani archer the way you’d complained …but asante mingi sana!
    Alafu how nice was it to talk to you guys. Gishungwa wewe I couldn’t sikia you over the the kyuk music in the background.

    Aki it was nice vibing them sindio Farmgal!

  5. Hehehe! Fun all around it seems. Yeah someone should do a roundup I only turned up for like 2 minutes.
    Recover soon as well.

    2 minutes is still something….leteni uhondo!

  6. Eeeeeeeeeeeh thanx Mocha nilipata lakini next time si u pitisha ujumbe thru a damsel like this! Eish its never feels right if anaa dude ‘gives’ it to you & si you elewa u cant finya finya hapa na pale……. two live wires!

    @3N & Bomseh – mnafikiria nini?

    You are most welcome….and you were supposed to pata two the other from Farmgal! Next time tutatuma dame ama tutaleta sisi wenyewe. 😉

  7. waiting for the details of meet up too..

    enyewe hhapa kuna siri excess..pia mimi i want what is being given to bomseh and inexcess!

    eehhh Betty, hata wewe.

  8. Farmgal, mamie i was too buy katikaing we will recoup. The meetup was great mushene soonest.

    LOL….to mugithii. we heard on the phone, mpaka Farmgal was singing along!

  9. @Bomseh: I was told to give only him!

    That’s right. Tell ’em!

    @3N: a polite ka samdhing tu.

    mmmhhhh…polite indeed!

    @Betty: you I can give you that ka-samdhing very gladly!!

    LOL….betty, pokea basi!

  10. Betty and Archer, match made in heaven..see how one comes after the other? Hehehe!! It was nice to hear from you two. I wish i had more charge on the phone though i would have called you two back when you were stationary.

    Ama huyu ndio ‘girlfriend’ we were being told about?? MMHHH. It was nice to hear your voice too, since you refused to do my podcast challenge/tag. Usijali….next time now that we have the digits. 😉

    As for the meet up post bado tunangoja volounteer atuandikie. It was a very successful meet up and thank you to all that attended and made it absolutely fabulous…as for the kiuk music…hehehe 😀

    Huyu volunteer ni nani? Guest Blogger should pull up his socks!

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