Q and A – The Answers

Akina Milo, Aegeus, Nick, Gish, Archer, etc…….I have beef with you. At least inExes has unleashed kionjo…..ok, pia wewe Milo, but surely YOU CAN DO BETTER!  Meet-up vibe???

Right now to the matter at hand.

Before I put up a few pics from my visit to Farmgal’s, I thought I get this out of the way.

Bomseh was first in with his question(s):

Is there a new Mr. Mocha! or a current one? There might be one, there might not be one. Time will tell from the men that I am currently dating. At the moment, I am going through a process of elimination.

If yes, what criteria did you use? Funny you should mention a criteria. At the moment its good sense of humour and how you react to certain ‘out of the ordinary’ stuff that I do, like burp loudly.

What is your stand on FGM and Abortion? FGM, totally against it. Abortion for medical reasons or rape is in a way justifiable. Other than that totally against it.

Luke, my blog fan had this to ask:

Now that someone else has a similar blog title like you, are you flattered by the imitation or insulted by the spoof? Fortunately, there was no imitation of my blog, but a software glitch for feeds by wordpress. Click here for details. If it did happen, I would be abit of both.

Gish asked me:

Who would you say has had the biggest impact on you? I will have to be totally biased here and very loyal and say my mum.

And which blogger would you like to meet most? The more I interact with bloggers on the side, the more my mind changes about who I would like to meet the most. I have a list and I cant pinpoint one particular blogger. Sorry!

Udi asked me to jaribu this questions:

Have you ever made love with candles and bubbles sipping in your tub? Yep


Be naked and glistening beneath the moonlight mist? Yep

3TC had a whole bunch of crazy questions, but came back with this weird one:

In what language do you think? Depends on the situation, but mostly in English.

Archer and his upuziness asked this question and one more I had no clue of answering:

Which (male) blogger, given the chance and opportunity, would you like to dance the horizonal rhumba with? You of course, but I heard you have a mami, so you are out! From here I can’t choose anyone else czo they will be like second best and you know how people hate that…..LOL!

Now how do I answer this one – Ati you have a doppelganger? – Sasa doppelganger ni nini?

At least, he came back with serious questions like:

What’s your MAIN occupation? Personal Assistant

Do you do your DJ’ing and photography on the side ama is it part of your main jobiso? On the side.

Any more queries will be added….keep ’em coming!

Happy Tuesday peoples!

Mocha!’s TunePick: [Special request from wajijua]  Rihanna feat Chris Brown – Umbrella (Remix)


12 thoughts on “Q and A – The Answers”

  1. Ati upuziness? Si you said I ask any question? But at least you’ve answered it CORRECTLY!! 🙂 🙂 *doing a jig!* The rest of you hyenas, mezeni wembe!!


    Ahem….Mocha dearest, kuna kitu inaitwa “friendly matches.” The Mrs doesn’t have to know. Ama?

    ….BUT I WILL!

    Doppelganger is a body double, sijui impersonator. Something like that.

    OK…..kweli ilikuja na meli

  2. hehe some of those questions hehe..trust Archer to come up with wierd words like doopy whatever..ebu am waiting for more answers before i ask my twenty questions.

    Nimejibu za kutosha….zako ziko wapi!

  3. Good answers to very good (some not too good) questions.


    (An)other Question(s), Anti condoms or pro condoms?

    Are you religious?

    Kibaki abaki (tosha) or Kibaki toka?

    See separate post

  4. LMAO. My question was actually a line from a song. So i tupad it over there just to make the swalis more entertaining.


    Who requested umbrella? kwani kunanyesha in UK.


    My serious question- Which big DJ do you consider an inspiration?

    See separate post

  5. Lets see if you can answer these rapid fire questions.
    What do you prefer:
    TV or Video?
    Tea or Coffee?
    Gold or Diamonds?
    Sports or Soaps?
    Men- Dark or Light?
    Men – Older or Younger?
    Sex or Chocolate?

    OK….see separate post

  6. mocha, I am telling you “they” held a gun to my head, kweli yanani? Ask again! But you have been tagged okay. meet me at 3 types.

    Seen it and will do the necessary!

  7. apana 3TOC i’ll fuata you around to get a good laugh..unaona kwanza Kirish has Quickfire Talent like baby mama??


    Kirish-good boy, ebu shoot the swalis some more.

    AAIIIII…no more!

    Mocha, interesting questions u getting,am waiting for answers haraka!

    Chic……umechelewa! I have to do the tag next! Pole!

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