Q and A – The Answers Update(d)

Akina Milo, Aegeus, Nick, Gish, Archer, etc…….I have beef with you. At least inExes has unleashed kionjo…..ok, pia wewe Milo, but surely YOU CAN DO BETTER!  Meet-up vibe???

………… cont’d from previous post ………

Bomseh came back with these queries:

Anti condoms or pro condoms? Pro condoms

Are you religious? Yes

Kibaki abaki (tosha) or Kibaki toka? Kibaki toka….we need a young gun to run the country. These old foggies have done enough damage in my opinion.

Udi after claiming his questions were from a song, he came back and asked me this:

Which big DJ do you consider an inspiration? I won’t go ‘international’ on this and remain true to my fellow Kenyan (surprise surprise) and say Dj Edu. The amount of stick he has encountered esp. from his fellow Kenyans and still manage to find the time to play one or two gigs for them just proves to me what a inspiration he is and a true profession. Besides, when he is not joking around, he gives the best advice ever.

Kirima, clearly back from his ‘hiatus’ fired me some rapid questions:

What do you prefer:
TV or Video? TV
Tea or Coffee? Tea
Gold or Diamonds? Diamonds
Sports or Soaps? Soaps
Men- Dark or Light? Dark
Men – Older or Younger? Older
Sex or Chocolate? Sex

Nooo more please……3TC has tagged me and now I have to do it bila mentioning anything from my Q&A.

No Mocha! Tunepick leo……ya jana is enough as it is an on going dedication from one party to the other and vice versa. Wanajijua!!! 😉

12 thoughts on “Q and A – The Answers Update(d)”

  1. A chick I once asked the last question said Chocolate ati cos “You don’t have to lie about it in the morning” 🙂

    LOL….probably she had a bad one night stand and chose to pick Chocolate when this question came up. Just hope it wasn’t you….LOL!

  2. Cant i have both Sex AND Chocolate…in any order actually…even during perhaps? Hehehe!!

    Aki me I like Aegeus’ way of thinking. I like this answer best…..Kirima, will you accept what Aegeus said as my answer, coz why lie nothing beats melted chocolate as you tuma salam….you know what I mean. AAAAIIIIII, just the thought is sending my brain thinking cells all KARABASHA! 😀

  3. Thank you very much on the Kibaki question. Now if you are religious, don’t you think it is against the norm to glorify sex or talk about it openly?

    Weee wacha with the catch 22 swaliz! EEEIISSHHH, can’t a sista answer questions bila shida mingi. Alafu…if I don’t talk about sex openly, how will I know where I go wrong? AIDS/STIs or unwanted pregnancies don’t know religion. As harsh as it sounds, its true.

  4. Zako nitajibu hapa…sawa? aaahhh, you have no choice.

    Ur top 3 Favourite vibrator brands?

    I haven’t got any. If I did, does a brand matter? As long as it does the job, then I think I would be good.

    How do you like them (dominant/subm)[dudes!]

    A bit of both I suppose. Depends on the situation and urgency! 😉

    Anything against 1 stands?

    Again, it depends who with. Details are a post on its own.

    Does the idea of a Friendly 3some make u grin? [does it evoke sentiments of tusker makes us equal and has no equal…tu pewe..wapewe…].

    Actually, it doesn’t make me grin. One of those sexual experiences that you are curious about, but scared to venture into.

    Is United States of Africa an alien idea or is it the way?

    A very alien idea. We are better off as we are to be honest.

    You are evidently a leader and command lots of respect among ur cohorts…any explanation?

    I, a leader…..I don’t think so. I believe respect is earned. Anyway, where did you get this idea from?

    You come across as a multi-talented, self-made modern lady with immense physical and mental prowess. In primo/high school and uni.. you effortlessly excelled in sports, clubs and leadership activities. You were and still is the alpha-female. Please deny.

    Deny! Alpha-female my a$$! What a joke, vile I am a lazy so and so! Sport, find me at the stands sipping on a soda!

    Will you pick my call or would rather listen to my plea on voicemail.

    I would rather listen to you plea on voicemail.

  5. Bado niko! Good post, peeps need to keep on firing those questions at you!

    EEEHHH, boss….good to see you are still with us. Weee, no more questions.

  6. Kibaki Tosha (If any of the younger leaders gets their act together, then we can discuss)

    True…once they get their act together, Kenya can be a totally different country.

    Sex and Lots of IT.

    Kweli! 😉

    Why are we answering questions anyway, did I miss a post or something?


    @Archer, inexess etc…can someone unleash photos from the meet up?

    You know…I need to ongeza pressure! Ama? 😀

  7. My dedication 2DJ Mocha (Besta-kati Yetu)

    please note the lyrics and moves..can you perfom those moves….ok SPIN..

    Nice song and video….chic has sianda like WOW. Anyway, I think I am getting to old to katika like this mami. Thanks for the link tho’

  8. na hiyo pia….

    I think these chinkuz are better dancers than I am when it comes to dancehall, but on the other hand they have jaribud. Kwani how old to you think I am to still be gyrating like so…???

  9. Are you steeped to run for office (presidency) in Kenya. In event of this, what aspects of change will you embrace?

    I hate politics….to be precise, growing up in Kenyan politics made me hate politics. So, I am not steeped to run for office. I will leave that to the eager ones.

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