….OK, not me exactly, but a friend just wrote me an email asking for your help with a few ideas for a charity she is helping out with. Let me just copy and paste the email…….please help us with ideas. Thanks in advance.

Hi Mocha!,

I am working with a charity organisation here and we want a project to help young people here..Any kinda project as long as it involves young people under 25s. Be it a skills project, fun project like drama etc or any project for that matter. I need you to pls pls put something on your blog and ask guys for ideas coz am BILA any at the moment..Any suggestions will be highly appreciated. What do u think?

Thanks alot!

Tag will be up tomorrow!

Happy Thursday folks!


15 thoughts on “I NEED YOUR HELP”

  1. Your digz looking hot, lakini sio like that dress!
    Sorry cant help with the ideas thingy.

    LOL…wewe! Thanks lakini…just need to change the boma kidogo. Ebu rudi na maideas.

  2. mwaaaaaaah rightbackatcha!! Like the new digz! Wacha I ji-enskwons over here near the tea.

    Thanks lakini this is how I look when I am in deep thought with finger on cheek….LOL!!!

  3. I kissed you on the lips–did u feel it? Nice & refreshed blog spot—can smell expe parfum(french) toooo…!

    Thinking pose bana…I aint blowing kisses at you lot.

    Ideas?—daaamnn….they flow like a river–baada ya tusker 6.


    Anyway sister will let u know if any ideas check in—unannounced! LOL


  4. Well…your plea for ideas if very open-ended. I wish you could place some constraints on it–this would help the direction of thought & suggestions.

    First things first—BUDGET—does your organisation have the requisite funds or you need to source these? If the latter is the case, then you need a proposal..well..very good and convincing ideas.

    These inturn, depend on motivational aspects and future direction of the youth group in question…blah blah..blahh… u see..we need some constraints!

    Pichez…are you reading this? Over to you!

  5. try something like WAPI, an arts forum where young people meet, express themselves in terms of art, poetry, fashion whatever and exchange ideas, thoughts etc to build themselves. If I refresh my mind (its 5pm!), i’ll holla mo ideas. love those lips…. hips…

    More ideas….thanks! As for hiyo comment ingine *insert blush here*

  6. People people meet the two sides of super!

    @Me liking your digz.

    Thanks 😉

    Ideas…..for now Zilch maybe baada ya tanye 7 ivi…. 😉

    Makes me wonder how you and super get through a normal working day.

  7. hmmm ok…ideas are many but question kinda vague. For my own curiosity, is their a need for age-limit? I ask this coz two things popped in my mind…mentors and volunteer.
    Mentors (career and or life) of any age can be attained to steer the group in the right direction, to make adequate career choices, set goals etc. Or the group can act as youth mentors to school-age kids. They can visit different schools and give lectures on life/peer-pressure, sex-ed; abstinence, safe-sex.
    Or the group can get involved or create a myriad of situations in which they can volunteer…sit in with the sick, read to lil kids, cater to the homeless, clean up the city etc.

    Thanks for your input….I am sure Pichez is taking notes.

  8. so are you looking for activities for these under 25s to do that will raise money (charity organisation) or is the project to keep the under 25s busy but have fun? I used to work with a youth group then my body started complaining (saying things like, there are just some things itcan’t do anymore- find me break dancing(spinning on the floor with people who don’t yet have all their adult teeth) anyway, my body one day just shouted “STOP IT” and I quit being a youth leader.
    And I still haven’t come up with any ideas……. and when people say I am all talk- I get funny with them kumbe they are right.
    What,…………..the ideas.

    Right, we did this thing once and called it “urban action”- we went round in small groups and helped out in people’s homes- so we washed cars ( and charged for it), cleared people’s gardens, painted.Did odd jobs basically. lakini we sent out leaflets first- to let the people in the area know that during such and such a week, we were available to any jobs they wanted s to do for them (only charged for cleaning cars)- THIS WAS FOR A WEEK. The local people appreciated it.

    Idea number two- you could have a table top sale.You would either get the 25s and under to make stuff (art-work, bake etc) or sale stuff that is “Sale-able” lakini they don’t need .

    Idea number three- get them to organise and take part in a concert- music, dance and drama.Lets call it a talent show.

    Idea four- they could organise a dinner (they cook and set tables and all) and then “auction promises”.This was fantastic when we did it. Of copurse people coming to the dinner have to purchase the tickets (make it affordable or you will be dinning by yourselves).How does the auctioning of promises work? People auction promises like ,” I promise you smile at you when I see you”, “I promise to wash your car twice a week”, “I promise to walk your dog”- youget the idea. However this worked well, coz we did this with members of my church.

    Idea five- they could design a news letter for the chairty organisation – covering various topics.

    I am out of ideas

    5 is more than plenty….but keep ’em coming. Kudos!

  9. we had a foot now some lips- slowly putting a picture together. Now in a line-up sii I can identify you?Liking it.

    Na bado! 😉

  10. Mmmmhhh where to start?…I love the new look! Or may be its the pic…very.. whats the word again? aaah ‘Licious’…

    Wewe…watu wataanza kuongea! LOL!!! Ebu stop patiaing the jamaaz up in here ideas 😉

    Thanks alot for putting my request online. And thanks alot for the pple who have given out their different ideas. I appreciate very much. Just to make things a bit clearer, funds are not a problem as long as its a brilliant project idea that will benefit young people in one way or the other so inexes and co go and kunywa those tuskers and bring on the ideas! Farmgal wacha those strories of sijui you dont have any idea..We juana by the way..from Glasgow but thats a whole new storo..

    No problem…anything to help. As for knowing Farmgal…LOL! I am sure she is pulling her hair out trying to figure out who you are. LOL!

    Archer..Juz a few words for you..I LOVE YOUR BLOG! Pole for shouting but am hooked..am annoyed at you by the way for sijui taking a leave!

    You are not alone on this one….DUDE, COME BACK!

  11. pichez sasa si you tell me which one you are. Aki I met so many peeps in Glasgow thanks to Mocha.

    Ati thanks to me….you did it yourself vile you are very sociable.

  12. Harrro!
    can I have a Q&A? (what I was in the bush!) Pro or anti Gay marriage? has it been asked?

    I don’t where you have been, but I will make this one exception and answer your question. Otherwise, Q&A is over. Anti-gay marriage.

    alright as for your friends it depends on which country! if in kenya try the st Johns

    They are based in the UK, but thanks for the suggestion.

  13. If that’s what you call your “thinking pose” I truly wonder….kwani you’re thinking about what? Are the eyes closed as you think?

    Eyes are giving more of a sultry look rather than being closed. Back to the matter at hand….where is your idea for my pal?

  14. @Pichez: Pole I’m just reading your comment now, thank you very much! Very flattered! I’ll be back real soon.

    @Mocha: I’m fresh out of ideas. Still thinking very slowly

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