Monday Randomness…

If it aint trembling/cold in Nai, its flooding here in the UK.

I just hope wherever you are in this world and its natural disasters you and your family are good.

In case you are wondering…..Farmgal is in one of the flooded areas but she is fine and in the dry spots. Keep her in your prayers. I don’t know about any other bloggers out here, just hope they are all fine.

This summer is turning out to be a wet one and its almost over. Despite the horrid weather, I am making the most of it. Besides, I have to finalise my process of elimination since winter is around the corner. This year my teddy will be given a break. 😉

TV hit series Heroes will be shown on BBC Two from Wednesday. DO NOT DISTURB ME PLEASE after 8.50pm. You have been warned!

I have seen a few episodes of this programme and I like it ALOT! It has been showing in the digital channel over here and now kwa people like me can enjoy it bila commercials on normal TV.

Haven’t got much to say today! So, I bid you adios!

Mocha!’s TunePick: Joe – If I Was Your Man


9 thoughts on “Monday Randomness…”

  1. Eh, sounds like kuna vitukos everywhere in the world. I was oblivious to all this for the one week I was away. Now it’s back to life, back to reality. Asante for the shoutout, by the way!

  2. Sorry about the rain I saw it on the news people being rescued by Helicopter makes our cold weather here seem not too bad. Have a great week.

  3. Seems ya’ll are being washed away! Anyway nimepitia, I’ll holla at you soonest wacha I find some time, cheers!

  4. the third world has come to town- atii people in Gloucester have no water and electricity- GREAT TIMES ….NOT!!!!!!!!!And can I just add that I am about 20 mins driv from Gloucester- am I worried- I am sleeping with one eye looking out of the window.

    And to make it once last night a friend of mine sent me a text after I had gone to bed, asking is ,” true your place is flooded”- HAVE NEVER GOTTEN OUT OF MY BED SO FAST.Running downstairs in a panic- no there was no water.

    Now there is a blanket, a bottle of water and plenty of chocolate in the car- hish, you never know where you will sleep. In the house- we have stock upstairs- No, I am not playing.

    And all this because of rain. Yaani, when the Bible say “do not boost about tomorrow”- for tomorrow I might be swimming my way out of my house.
    Laptop- upstairs. Should the river avon na severn choose to pay me a visit- sii I will watch DVDS while the rest of my house gets soaked.

    it’s good to know that Farmgal is on dry ground lakini does she know how to swim? ama has she got her wellies (gumboots) on the ready?

    What a lovelysummer- init? Someone somewhere is having a laugh- moto wa global warming yuko waapi?

  5. and that shoud have been “and to make it worse”- I think in japanese. that is where that direct translation come from.

  6. three types of karazey yaani you’re twenty mins from Gloucester????!!!!!!
    I’m not loving not having water…we’re running out of what we’d collected and stored really fast. Babywipes are the new shower and well Gloucester town is dead.
    The only sign of life is the heli flying up and down the severn river.

    I still cant believe you is a Gloucester modo 3TOC

  7. Enjoy Heroes. Fabulous show! Shall i unleash spoilers? Hehehe!!

    Farmgal we shall have in our prayers. I hope the spell passes without further incident.

  8. @EGM…no problem.



    @3toc….aki you are nuts! Mad love for you though!

    @farmgal….those babywipes did come handy after all. Vile it was big pack bana.


    @aegeus……WWEEEEE NOOOO spoilers. Besides, as soon as its released on Amazon USA I am there like a shot making my purchase.

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