Weekend with Farmgal

AAHHHHH…shoot me! See if I care!

OK….I know this post is a week late, but I have been in a horrid mood. Anyway, better that than never, huh?

My trip to farmgal’s place was ok. It was raining, but that didn’t put me off as I knew the Saturday would be fine. As soon as I started smelling the manure, I knew I was close. Farmgal lives in shags manzee. And at one point I was looking for signs of life, even how many times I saw a cop car with sirens blazing (living in or close to London-every few minutes or so), but nada.

Anyway, fikad there ok and was treated to a meal of Ugali, Skunjes (kale)Β and nyaks (meat). Finger licking good! Later, we went out to the local and a club. It is then we discovered the smells the cigarette smoke was musking since the ban was introduced in the UK. The joints esp. carpeted ones smelt horrid. The carpets need to be removed…..the vomit, stale beer, gum, etc smell is just too much. All in all, we had a good night out, went home exhausted ready for Saturday.

On Saturday, we headed off to Cardiff. When we go there we went to the Cardiff Castle and then Cardiff Bay where we found a food festival going on. The weather was perfect and by the time we were heading back home, we were exhausted.

Sunday saw us enjoying a meal in the local pub before my depature.

I know this is a brief description of the weekend….I will just sum it up by saying I had a blast and well planned thank God – I avoided landing there during the floods.

Ohhhh before I forget…..on the journey back from Cardiff, we did a phone link up with a few bloggers who were at the meet-up that weekend. Archer…..we were serious as you found out. Next year…..video! LOL!

Here are a few pics (more hopefully kesho).

On the bus to Gloucester…..very wet Friday evening!

With a sianda like mine….guess which was the mgeni toilet paper? LOL!

Farmgal took me to the local museum….very interesting I must say! Who dat on the pic (far left)?

An owl sculpture in the museum

A Roman mosaic floor found in the town now being displayed in the museum

At Cardiff Bay…..how cool is this fountain structure? The weather was perfect and the kids enjoyed the water splashing on them.

One of the many sculptures around the bay area

The boats docked at the bay


16 thoughts on “Weekend with Farmgal”

  1. Nice trip you had, luckily it was before the floods then, I like the artpieces in the meuseum as well

    I was lucky. The museum was very interesting.

  2. Seems like you had loads of fun. Love the pic of the fallen face there is just something about it. thanks for sharing.

    I had a blast. Farmgal was a very good host. Can’t wait for my next visit. Yaani, I amost missed that face pic too!

  3. Nice Pics!!


    now when will we get that storo of Nai meetup??? Eish let me go cook up something

    Weee, we want the true….no cooking of facts hapa!

  4. Ati manure? kwani farmgal is not just a nickname? LOOL

    I thought it was a nickname as well….LOL!

    Niiiiice pics!
    Next time come/go for the meet up in person?


  5. So this was the pre-flood UK meetup? hope farmgal is going to be more generous with the weekend story. what type of manure was it? composite?

    Aki Bomseh umenoki….ati what kind of manure was it? How can a ‘city folk’ like me jua the difference from the comfort of a coach?

  6. This looks lovely. Hi Farmgal all the way on the left! πŸ™‚

    Umemuona sindio….tihihihihihi! Spoiling my shot, lakini she is forgiven juu ni kwao! LOL!

    The face on the ground is really striking. I like, lots!

    The area is just off the hook. Next time I will peleka a jamaa and watch the sunset. πŸ˜‰

  7. I was in the Uk over the weekend and drove to Surrey from London. Ngai…that English weather is crazy!! It is supposed to be summer for petes sake.

    *rubbing eyes to read properly* Ati ulikuwa UK and you didnt holla…TSK TSK TSK! Hii summer has shangazaad folks. Si wewe peke yako.

    I can imagine how your drive was..

  8. Seems you had a swell time! Good to hear that you havent been washed away! So does farmgal have any cows on her farm?

    Farm??? Chic lives next to the shops aka Town Centre….story za ng’ombe ni rumour. LOL!

  9. how were you on the motorway and never slept in a “take a break”, “sports centre”, “library”- how did you survive the traffic jam that was last week?
    I was sitting on motorway for two hours playing “I spy with my eye something beginning with…” ALONE.

    Yaani after all has been said and done, someone is payng for my therapy!

    tihihihihihihihihi…chic you crazy indeed!

  10. Aco my dear..I dont have cows..wish I lived in a farmhouse though. Although they tend to be very cold during winter, I still love the thought of living on a farm.

    Chic yaani you were serious about posting the toilet roll one!

    Very serious!

    Was glad toplay host. Really enjoyed the company. Alafu that face down pic, how did I miss that?

    Yah…your pal is the one who hollad to take it. I almost missed it too!

  11. must have been a holiday and a half. i like the sscupture of the face…quit cool, different. nice pix too…

    It was just a weekend of mwenjoyos. It is different.

    brief but sweet…hiyo ni bumroll ama ni nappy…eissh! that must be a huge…(bleep). hamukuona ma ng’ombe huko? ama eveen the bri’ish believe meat comes from the supermarket…

    LMAO @ nappy. I saw alot of cows hence the manure smell on the way in and out of there. Believe it or not…most of them still do think it comes from the supermarket. If they see it being slaughtered they become vegetarians. Mpaka you it makes you wonder. lol

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