July 26, 19…..

Mama Mocha! was born!

I will make this one brief and just wish my mom a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

2007 looks to be a great year and I hope you have a lovely day mom.

Mob hugs from me and bro!

26 thoughts on “TO SOMEONE SPECIAL”

  1. @Mocha,
    Thanks, Mocha, I love you baby, – loving mum

    @Nakeel, Ilove you too and thanks

    @Unyc, I love you too, and thanks

    @Gishungwa, thanks you made me feel like a Gachungwa,

  2. @acolyte, thanks for the belated birthday, know what, I had a lovely time, by the way I love your blog.

    @magaidi, thanks buddy, by the way I love your blog

    @three types of crazy!! thanks, I am a modern .com mama! smile, thanks.

  3. Oooooh!!! thats sweat of her…Yes i know ladies of course you inclusive never mention their age except for job applications but i know she is still a pretty loving mom..

    Happy Birthday Mom….Mocha Loves you..Am hoping i got that right…Did i ? ..


  4. FAO Betty et al… (well sina blog yangu…!!… more facts about super).

    1. Mimi ni mtu wa Mac & Apple stuff..(eMac, iMac, iBook, ipod, just ordered my iphone) and generally look at guys wa PC as if from the other (lesser?) tribe.

    2. Nawapenda Beemer (generally has to be 5 cylinder sporty with a good tenje system). I just like the revvvvvvs—weeell always shuffling btn the second and fast lane–read aggression/reliability.

  5. happy belated B’dya mama mocha…alafu kumbe you tembea this sides. We have to behave from now on ama?
    Hope you enjoyed yourself to the max. ati you feel like a gashungua? 🙂
    Lots of love mum….

  6. lool @ 3TOC..enyewe even me i ask ..

    Dear Mama Mocha, Happy Belated birthday!! I love you too 😀
    I understand you are a .com farmgal says, now we have to behave here, but mamii, have you been reading what your daughter tells us? :D..please do, feel free to ‘feel our vibe’ !!!

    Mocha lool nye nye nye boo booo..nimekustaki kwa mammii!!

  7. @Farmgal, thanks – I enjoy reading your blog, Keep the spirit.

    @Inexes – ohh! that’s nice, whose angel? Kiss her for me belatedly.

    @Super, what more can I say, thanks I still feel one year younger.

    @Betty, let her enjoy her time, I did and do not regret it – thanks for your birthday wishes.

  8. betty…nye nye boo boo! Mathe knows the deal as she has semad! LOL!

    @All….thanks for your wishes to my mum, but I am sure you have appreciated personal thank yous from the wonderful woman herself. And yes Nakeel, I did call mathe. She was chuffed to bits!

  9. I am sure I had left a comment here earlier!
    But just to repeat myself – A happy birthday (belated) to Mama Mocha and may Mocha one day make a great mama as well! 🙂

  10. @eddie, thanks my dear – I will remember this all the time – by the way, mocha doesn’t know my age – sic!

    @Kirima, thanks my dear – it is the thought that counts – peace.

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