Pacha, Autobots and Lay-In

Pic courtesy of Pukkaup

What a weekend!

My pal treated me to a Pacha Experience (clip of a Hed Kandi night just so you get the gist, but I went on a different night. Maybe next time – Hed Kandi) as a belated B-Day present as I have always wanted to go the club in London. So, Friday night we headed off to the capital for a night of house music. I had a blast, but the music was getting too much as the Dj mostly played ‘B’ side music. So, if you are not a fun of house music or listen to chart music alot….it can be a bit too much. Its like listening to underground music for a whole night and not one chart/familiar music is played. Although the place closes at 5am, we were out of there by 2ish and heading back home. After a long week, clubbing on a Friday and adding on to the music…..I was ready to hit the sack. So we left early and caught the night bus home.  Other than the expensive drinks and cloakroom extortion, the club is nice and with the smoking ban, even better!

Saturday, I took a few portrait pictures of my pal and later on had a movie date. I went and watched Transformers. I enjoyed it to the max. Comedy, great action from the beginning to the end, romance and the CGI…..wacha tuu! Couch ‘Tato…..wapi review?

“The driver doesn’t pick the car. The car picks the driver.”

If you haven’t seen it…..PLEASE CATCH IT ON BIG SCREEN!

There is nothing I enjoy like a lazy Sunday. Bumming all day doing nothing but eat and go to the bathroom. That is what I just did and it felt good.

How was your weekend?

Mocha!’s TunePick: 2Face Idibia – Keep It Rockin’

P.S. Is it me or do previous spouses appear from nowhere when your life is kosher? Story for another post.


16 thoughts on “Pacha, Autobots and Lay-In”

  1. Transformers huh? Sawa hii wikendi mimi ndani…. now to look for a date….

    Enjoy and good luck with the date hunt…lol!

  2. mimi wa kwanza!!!!

    inexes beat you to the punch. I just had to moderate his comment.

    Nice stuff…been wondering…kani Mochaaa….amaa you have already shortlisted…& APPOINTED..?


    Fascinating stuffff..

  3. Transformers IS THE BOMB!! I watched it again Sato, and it was just as exciting as the first time I watched it. Hadi I could have stayed and seen it a third time bila boekaing. As soon as I got home I went online looking for Transformer cartoons to watch. Eh, that’s a movie and a half for sure.

    I too wouldn’t mind seeing it again. This movie is a hit. LOVE IT!

  4. Yaani I have been free for 3 weeks and haven’t watched Transformers yet, I need to style up. You seem to have a had a pretty good weekend so was mine involving good music and lethal cocktails.

    Style up haraka upesi….unangojea firimbi?? Cocktails…damn!

  5. @inexcess kweli leo huko fanya kazi, this is like the Nth blog I have been on and you are the first to comment!!!!!!

    eeeeeeyyyyy Mocha, “is it me or do previous spouses appear from nowhere…”. Kwani how many spouses have you had in this lifetime? Do tell.

    Wewe…wacha fitina! Also, be patient. All shall be revealed I hope!

  6. transformers..i hear its allll that..i’ve been working like a dog and no time to go watch it 😦 am psychhing up

    egm uve watched it twice??

    kirish-lethal cocktails?lool heh thats a story to tell us right there!

    Ebu make sure you watch it!

  7. Transformers, next on my list. Its true that when all is well suddenly exes and other wishers come out of the woodwork, still cant explain why?

    3TOC….umesoma vile Gish ameandika hapa. This is what I meant. Gish, I am also puzzled by this. Its like they have a ‘my ex is happy, let me go and ruin that’ radar.

  8. unajienjyi nyako, eh?
    Glad you’re having fun!

    Wacha I enjoy myself, coz once the baridi checks in, hibernation kwa uwingi and you know how it will be 😉

  9. May never watch transformer!
    But hebu unleash that story of former spouse(s)

    Make sure you do watch it. As for the other story…tulia mami. Ita come soonest!

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