Mid2End-Week Randomness

Yesterday was a special day for me and only Farmgal knows why. Don’t bother asking her for details as she signed a gagging order not to reveal. Manyanga….time flies huh?

InExes…….here is the demo. Even this dude didn’t have a clue. Si you asked for it? I don’t want to hear another pip from you…..sawa? Here is a hilarious demo just for kicks.

As you lot have figured out from personal thank yous from Mama Mocha…..yes, my mum is dot com savvy. So, there is no point in changing your ways now that my mum reads some of your blogs…betty, UMESIKIA! She has been reading since I had this blog. So you telling on me had fallen on deaf ears…..LMAO!

August has started with a bang (see first paragraph). Also the sun is out. I hope it stays like this even if its for one month. Summer just can’t go by like that bila kidogo sunshine….ama niaje 3TOC?

As for previous spouses and potentials roaming back into my life……SHINDWENI! Yaani, I have a shortlist of future Mr Mocha!’s and the ones who were in the cut (exes) or didn’t make it (potentials) are making funny appearances. Can’t a girl have fun bila issues? AAARRGGHHH!

Take this convo I had just the other day for example with an ex who was around for his graduation and came to see me. Boy, was I glad I got to put the final nail to that coffin and bury that memory.

Yahoo chat, Monday:

Ex: hi there
Mocha!:hi. how are you?
E: am fine u?
M!: i am ok
E: how was ur wkend
M!: Fine, i hope you had a good weekend
E: was fine no complains!
M!: it was nice to see you on Friday
E: likewise
M!: to be honest with you, i appreciate you coming out to meet me….but i have to let you know that you really made the right decision to end it with me. We are too different
E: u sure?
M!: yep
E: i thot we were bondin, but anyway u’ll alwayz have space in my heart
M!: good to know that, but if we were bonding, you wouldnt have ended it with me. besides what made you think that
E: just bocz i was havin alot of stuff n i cudnt manage handle all of them, but for sure i’ll never regret for havin u
M!: manage all of them?…come on! Isnt that why you have a partner to help ease the burden? Its true when they say….’You don’t know what you have got until its gone.’
E: i know but dint want u in as i’ll have to handle by my self first
M!: there is your answer right there. if you really had feelings for me then the other stuff you wouldn’t manage wouldnt have mattered as much.
E: well i’ll take that blame
M!: i am not saying things so that you take the blame….i am just making you see what you didnt see when you dumped me
E: dnt say i dumped u
M!: but you did. you ended it with me. you saw your future, unfortunately i wasnt in it
E: may be and i feel bad for that
M!: oohhh well
E: anyway i think we can change matter (I think he meant situation)                      
M!: and how do you propose to do that?
After a long silence…..
E: sori I was out. ehe sema…….hey gat go b back later

Two days later…..

E: hi, am leavin 2nite
M!: ok, but you didnt answer my question the other day
Amnesia checks in….
E: wot was it
M!: you said, “i think we can change matter” (was copying and pasting chat history) and i asked, “how do you propose to do that?”
E: oh, wel just talk on anything else
M!: huh??
E: …so am leavin 2nite

And with that….he was gone!

This is the same person who has a place in heart for me…..COME ON!!! *insert eye roll here* This is one relationship I am glad I was dumped. Can you begin to imagine the kind of conversations we used to have? Anyway….good riddance. Bring on the next shumck….sic! I will never rule out having a jamaa in my life just because of mistakes, etc. That is the beauty of life…..you learn from every experience and wisen up! Ama?

Happy Thursday folks!

Mocha!’s TunePick: Janet Jackson – Got ‘Til It’s Gone


18 thoughts on “Mid2End-Week Randomness”

  1. Ati who reads what? Sasa mazee i have to moderate? Wacha, ni waSk kaa kawa up in hia! All the best on the search for a Mr. Mocha! Gosh! Dude was in a tight spot. Amnesia checks in…aiii!! Hehehe!! We live we learn eh?

    Yep….one way of mathe catching up with me. Indeed we live and learn. 😉

  2. Checking IN. let me check out those links then nirudi.

    PS: We demand Mama Mocha starts her own blog….. LOL

    Wee….ebu dont start. It will be like bring a potential around my home and my mum whipping out the baby pics. NOOOO!!!

  3. Ooooook. sawa. phew. thats the last you will ever hear on that topic.


    Lakini for some crazy reasons i was i expecting the real thing… u-know.. woman to thingy…one on one…. Ok sawa you start praying for me now

    AAAIIII……get your mami to demonstrate. Maombi on the way….POKEA HARAKA HARAKA!

  4. Scary links!
    Now that Ex indecisiveness? Premature senility(amnesia)? Anyway seriously there should be a manual for dealing with Ex’s I find it too weird at times.

    Links not scary. LOL! Ex bila balls. Dealing with them is just too weird.

  5. Ati mama Mocha reads what? (frantically searching brain to remember what I have written before)


    That ex ????? very selective memory and the moment a tough question is asked he quickly starts looking for exit! Sheeeeeeeeeeesh

    You know *big sigh and eye roll*

  6. Good think mama mocha doesn’t know me coz there is a bit of junk I wouldn’t like any mother to read on my blog.

    The ex probably wanted to see if there was space for a ka looze horizontal – one last time. If i was single, I would probably be guilty of such an overture but I would never masquaerize it with notions of getting back together. Ki roho safi tu.

    Ati horizontal rumba…..aaiii, now that you have mentioned it hhmm! I wouldn’t go there though….moved on to better things 😉

  7. Nice demo..thx. Ex-pals stalking back?—Niiice—call it “networking” & making alliances…

    Networking my a$$

  8. ai that x should be axed.. I hope you block him off that yahoo thingy.
    oh and awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

    Why block and I may have future conversations to share with you for entertainment purposes…think about it. Hiyo ingine…..thanks! 🙂

  9. The convo is is nice bana.. (just smiling here). No wonder chicks wonder what goes on in a dude’s head.
    @Mocha…dont call it quits just yet..he maybe having a “game-plan”. LOL

    He called it quits a year and a half ago….so his lose not mine!

    Let the next “Schmu**?”.. just REMEMBER to keep the turnover rate high enough… (wasemaje?)


  10. @Mocha…after reading ur steamy convo with ur ex…these lyrics come to mind…

    Here’s the thing
    We started out friends
    It was cool, but it was all pretend
    Yeah, yeah, since you been gone
    You dedicated, you took the time
    Wasn’t long, til I called you mine
    Yeah, yeah, since you been gone
    And all you’d ever hear me say
    Is how I pictured me with you
    That’s all you’d ever hear me say

    But since you been gone
    I can breathe for the first time
    I’m so moving on, yeah yeah
    Thanks to you now I get what I want
    Since you been gone

    How can I put it, you put me on
    I even fell for that stupid love song
    Yeah, yeah, since you been gone
    How come I’d never hear you say
    I just wanna be with you
    Guess you never felt that way

    But since you been gone
    I can breathe for the first time
    I’m so moving on, yeah yeah
    Thanks to you now I get what I want
    Since you been gone

    You had your chance, you blew it
    Out of sight, out of mind
    Shut your mouth, I just can’t take it
    Again and again and again and again

    Since you been gone (since you been gone)
    I can breathe for the first time
    I’m so moving on, yeah yeah
    Thanks to you (thanks to you)
    Now I get, I get what I want
    I can breathe for the first time
    I’m so moving on, yeah yeah
    Thanks to you (thanks to you)
    Now I get (I get)
    You should know, that I get
    I get what I want

    Since you been gone
    Since you been gone
    Since you been gone

    Chorus tuu is enough….which song is this by the way (I know I will get done for asking that huh?)

  11. LOL. That convo was hard. damn. Yaani even bila wekaing sweet nothings, he already wants to be in ur train (wee, now I am having to censor my words coz of mama mocha. and u jua my egrish is suspect). Anyway, that guy wanted to see if he can kamata chap chap before he leaves town. But he is a kumbaff. even one night stands need effort.

    LOL…no need to censor. Like I said bit too late for that. I agree with you about the ONS needing work. His game is kidogo weak…LOL! Poor sod!

  12. summer is here- Thank God for small mercies.I am hoping it is still sunny this weekend- we deserve it eh!

    let me go find those summer clothes.

    This weekend will be a scorcher….off to find my tushorts

  13. THATS IT..SUPER DID YOU JUS PUT UP A WHOLE SONG???LMAO..refugee kabiisaaaa!!


    MOCHA; Yessss, nimeskia!! pheeew am glad mama Mocha amesoma yako pia coz mamiii..you can’t compare me am still innocent to her!!


    Now enyewe after somaing that chat hapo with ure ex looooooool ati “i think we can change matter” ??? lol am so trying to imagine you in his arms kwa sofa having a deep convo..a a hai ingiani!!


  14. yeah, i feel u mocha. i tried starting a couple of realtionships that actually never took off and that song super has put there:

    But since you been gone
    I can breathe for the first time
    I’m so moving on, yeah yeah
    Thanks to you now I get what I want
    Since you been gone

    reflects my sentiments totally. anyway, goodluck to finding a new worthy guy in ur life

    I hear you and thanks 😉

  15. Mocha, that will be the main reason she should start blogging!!!! Kwanza we want to see with kamasi ikihang from mapua….. or you trying to ‘tack’ your gotha kwa trao……


    WEWE….I will through you outside!

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