Another week gone…

What the heck…..the weekend is with us. So here goes mine…..

  1. Where is your cell phone….. in my racksack (weekend away from home)

  2. Relationship….. with who exactly?

  3. Your hair….messy dreads that need urgent attention

  4. Work….. slow

  5. Your sisters…. does Farmgal count? Ok….got none!  

  6. Your favorite things…. my iMac, decks, iPod, Skecher collection and HiFi

  7. Your dream last night….. I don’t even remember, but I am sure it was about Nai

  8. Your favorite drink…… Apple and Raspberry J2O

  9. Your dream car….. VW Golf GTi with the accessories

  10. The room you’re in…… entrance

  11. Your shoes… comfy pumps

  12. Your fears…… failure and disappointment

  13. Where do you want to be in 10 years… a stable relationship, happily married with a child or two, living in a lavish house and enjoying a wonderful career 

  14. Who did you hang out with this weekend……. my pal and a date

  15. What are you not good at…… drawing, riding a bike and speaking my mother tongue

  16. Muffins? Yes please…Blueberry 

  17. Wish-list item….. MacBook / MacBook Pro or the lens in this photo

  18. Where you grew up… UK

  19. The last thing you did…..ate mabuyus after having my coffee….weird, I know. 

  20. What are you wearing… grey top, pin-stripe trousers, underwear and shoes 

  21. What are you not wearing… a thong

  22. Your favorite pet….. a dog, but I haven’t got one

  23. Your computer……  an iMac

  24. Your life….. exciting, at the moment

  25. Your mood…. excited, the sun is out for the rest of the weekend YIPEEE

  26. Missing… mum & bro & organic food

  27. What are you thinking about….. my future

  28. Your dream location…. Maldives

  29. Your Ex….  good riddance

  30. Your Favorite Item…… lipgloss and gum

  31. Your favorite color….Blue

  32. Last time you laughed… ten minutes ago

  33. Last time you cried… a week ago

  34. School……. will I ever go back?

  35. Love……  makes the world go round

Now…if you are experiencing Bloggers Block while reading this, consider yourself tagged.

Moving on……

Blogger Challenge

Ever questioned some of the things you did back in the day as dangerous or just a phase. Take this for example:

When I was in Primary school, we used to colour our chewing gum using crayola colouring pencils. The taste was awful, but it was the in thing to do. Looking back….were we poisoning ourselves or what?

I haven’t been listening to a lot of music lately or watched any videos, so I am going to leave you with a few slow jams and summer tune that I have come to like:

Stonebridge – Put ‘Em High (Not the actual video)

Avant feat. Nicole Scherzinger – Lie About Us

Sticky feat. Ms Dynamite – Boo (This tune is heavy….must be listened to proper speakers to appreciate it)

Marc Nelson – 15 Minutes (My favourite track from my favourite album. Unfortunately this is not the video. Just click to listen….bangin’ tune)

Lovely weekend peeps! Kisses to the lot of ya!

15 thoughts on “Another week gone…”

  1. We are many that love the colour blue, I see!

    As for bloggers challenge, my crazy kid activity was running around a very high ledge at the edge of a cliff. Looking back, I shudder big time and wonder what the heck was going through my mind such that I did that bila fear.

  2. Lovely list.
    My cuzos used to paint our lips and hands with Bougenivillia (sp) flowers. I was also a pro at seating on the light twigs and using it to descend the tree.

  3. wait in the craziness of being a kid……….atii “you used to colour chewing gum using crayola colouring pencils.Looking back you wonder whether you poisoned yourself?” LET ME SEE. You now have a blog where you talk to people without really talking and they talk back and then you talk back.And you know alot of these people from blogs but in a police line up, you may be none the wiser. And you want to know if those crayola did any damage? PRESENTING THE EVIDENCE.!!!! Now the E colours in the chewing gum plus the crayola–haiya just take yourself to a research lab somewhere.

    Did I do anything crazy? Nope, can’t think of anything. Does running away from home a zillion times count and then voluntarily bringing my self back from the servants-quarters after about oh wait, 5 minutes count.

    FAVOURITE ITEM- LIPGLOSS. Inexess amekugawiya?

  4. Wacha nikasome proper, bougainvilleas ati? I used to paint my fingers too, wonder why i stopped? Nakeel, see me sideways! 🙂

  5. Nice list. Mabuyus, hmm I miss those but don’t your teeth sensitive after eating them then drinking something or it only happens when you over-indulge like I used to lol

  6. You grew up in UK and your swa/sheng sounds soooo good….

    About life-threatining-experiments, we used to smoke gazetti rolls, other times ash and once we tried cow dung…… Am still healthy i think but cant vouch so much for the brain.. 🙂

  7. more mocha!
    It was nice to know a little bit more about you Good that you are excited and the sun is out too!

  8. Alafu you’re in underwear but bila thong….kwani wee huvaa zote mbili simultaneously?

    Mabuyus and coffee?

    I’ve always insisted, my dear Mocha, that the UK should have chanushad people. Kwanza it was funny yellow and red checked skirts, then kuvaa ngotha pamoja na thong, sasa ni mabuyu na coffee? Surely?!!

  9. interesting list….btw evidence is still needed for what language you are not able to speak

    i heard through the grapevines ati them hips and lips don’t agree with your stated lugha

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