Rent Requests…

….REVOCKED!!! (See 3toc for more info…LOL)

I was just going through a phase of not wanting to blog, yet I kept coming back to read your blogs and missed mine. I guess its one of those things we go through in life….not knowing what to do sometimes.

I was getting bored and I thought I lock you guys out in the process…..POLENI (SORRY).

Peeps have been busy elsewhere as well……please come back, we miss you! (They know what I am on about)

Peer pressure is a mutha!!!

Its true when they say the weather affects your mood….what a crap summer! 3TOC….can I hear an amen from you!

I hope I still have the mojo to keep my blogging fire burning….

….happy midweek peoples 🙂

Mocha!’s TunePick: Tyrese – One


Photolog has been revived…..more pics soon!

You all know how much I love rugby…….this website has become my source of info regarding all things rugby. So I am soooooo looking forwards to September….World Cup.

egm, Udi…..this schedule is for you. So start jipangaing…..Farmgal and I don’t want excuses vile you pigad kelele!!! KAPISH!?! BRING ON 2008

Dubai – Nov 30/Dec 1
South Africa – Dec 7/8
New Zealand – Feb 1/2
USA – Feb 9/10
Hong Kong – Mar 28/29/30
Australia- Apr 5/6
England – May 24/25
Scotland – May 31/Jun 1

18 thoughts on “Rent Requests…”

  1. Nimeone schedule. Haya, now to start saving and check in 23rd to check out 2nd. Ama I do just one weekend. I dunno. Tutaone.

    Keep that moto chomaing!

    The weekends are back to back….so panga accordingly!

  2. don’t pull another stunt like hiyo..
    Udi better style up alafu seasons has given the dates for our lunch. check his blog
    See you furahiday and chic swimming?

    Sawa…no more stunts (for now). I will check out SnR’s digz for those dates. See you furahiday….and yes swimming maybe involved.

  3. Finally, I was asking around what I missed because my occasional dose of mocha was not where I left it. I am glad you are back.

    Elgon Cup is in our hands! A Kenya eeeee. A Kenya aaaaaa!

    I saw the email…thanks for the concern. I had to come back bana. As for the Elgon Cup…..GOOOOO KENYA!

  4. Haiya, Ok me (I) feel nothing for rugby! lakini I have seen the eyes I will copy it and paste on the mouth and on the chapo making cianda and viola! Tihihihihi
    karibu lakini. Siku nyingine pana do that!

    lol…you is mad! Sitarudia!

  5. May, niko England. ama ni Uk. ama ni Brito? Lakini Udi yuko

    Better be…more than six months warning is sufficient. Farmgal….si you have seen. They have been told!

  6. is this the chile who was rumoured to have the biggest cianda north of the Equaotor, East of the GMT line and west of russia?? i somad somewhere kwa blog flani that the cianda wachas serious memories on the vieweee….

    kweli ama rongo?

  7. i was malayaring in the e-world.. then somewhere kipane fulani i came across an kritical description of the cianda… hukos my makendes dug into the archives to look for the pic… all i have now ni migranes..

  8. @kip….aaiiii! Chukua dawa and don’t overdose. I think you have the wrong mami…;)

    @SnR….me, paying??? Utashangaa! I will pull a chonga viazi on you…tihihihihihi Anyway, looking forward to meeting you.

    @kirima….missed dishing out as well. Thanks for stopping by!

    @Bomseh….wacha kelele. That pitad you…but if you must know, see 3TOC for more. And I wont say it again as she is tired of me directing peeps to her for info…LOL!

  9. walalalalala kwani how did I miss this memo— YOU ARE BACK and no-one told me. All you bad people.No one told me, no one told me. People, no-one told me.
    Mocha—– good to see/ read you.
    Noone told me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

  10. Kwanza that incident in the video happened here in Bmore. Lets just say I am telling folks that I am from Jamaica. Jah man. Me dont know nutting about da woman in da video.

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