Family Reunion

I am so excited today…….I am meeting up with my bro!

I haven’t seen him since I left home and I can’t wait to meet-up with him.

Pictures? Did I hear you say pictures? Well, of course I will take some, but unfortuately I won’t be sharing them with you lot. For those who are my contacts on Flickr…..that’s where they will be.

Counting down the minutes……

Mocha!’s TunePick – The O’Jays – Family Reunion

Edit: WARNING – CLIP HAS DISTURBING SCENES. Have you guys seen this? Its been on the news alot here in the UK, but even in the States it is happening. Now one of our own is involved. There are some jobs that are hard, but should it reach this level, SURELY. This person could be you one day or one of your own.


12 thoughts on “Family Reunion”

  1. Happy reunion dear! Now to go check and polish my Fl;ickr account in case there might be and invite…a man can hope…right… 🙂

  2. nice new theme you’ve got going on here…so now are you “exposing” the ‘licious one in bits and pieces? First it was the thuthaz, then the dreadz, then the (kiss) smile, then now it’s the eyes. What’s next?

  3. @INEXESS….long time! Ask Aegeus to guide you for the password.

    @Aegeus…..Thanks. I hope I dont cry…LOL!

    @Archer….thanks, you are the only one who has noticed that the boma has changed. LOL! Next…cleveage maybe! That should send tongues wagging…judging from Kip’s comments! LMAO!

  4. *whining* I want a password! enjoy and salaamu. now let me follow that link! Ati we didnt notice boma had changed? we did…….

  5. and we are back….NYSSS! hey, i noticed the change too…it’s like obvious….oh the eyes…enjoy you link up with your bro.

    na ukifunga keja tutakuchapa….WEWE!

  6. Enjoy the re-union.
    On the video- couldn’t watch the whole thing. One word- SICK!

    We had the foot, lips, now macho. Nice.

    On the weather- yaani I am hoarse, from talking about it, to it, about it. sasa nava sweater, gloves, boots(na sandals kwa handbag), umbrella na sunglasses pia. I am bound to get it right somehow.

  7. @Pointi….sawa, you noticed! Password? HMMMM!

    @MODO….thanks, I enjoyed the meet up. Wewe na nani….ati utani chapa?

    @kirima…will do!

    @3N… digs for now. It might change or remain the same.

    @3TOC……SICK indeed! As for the body parts…na bado! LOL at your weather itinery.

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