Yet Another Weekend….

Seriously, time is flying! Already here we are…..another weekend.

Aki, I am still pinching myself….saw bro jana and boy he has grown. Farmgal, if you think I am tall……you are mistaken. Yaani, when I left Nai, bro and I were the same height. You always have this feeling that the way you left someone is the same way they will be when you see them again (God willing)……..eeeehhh, wrong! Bro has shot up, looking all mature and handsome. No wonder my mum used to complain about the mami’s calling her phone all the time asking for my brother. Aki if he wasn’t blood……..yes, he is a kahandi and the height to match. Lakini you blogging mamaz…..steer well clear ama I will start accusing you of cradle snatching. TIHIIHIHIHIHI!!!

While we caught up with vibe of him, jobo and mtaa, it fikad a point we said that someone was missing in the reunion…..yes, MUM!

The goodbye was just as emotional…….but I will see him again soon.

Moving on, Farmgal is fikaing my hood leo. Pics huko flickr next week. I just hope the weather holds up……3TOC, unado nini weekend? Si you tokea!

Sina mengi leo…just a quickie!

Happy Weekend y’all!

Mocha!’s TunePick: Kenny Lattimore – Weekend


7 thoughts on “Yet Another Weekend….”

  1. Peeps do change over time! I am sure the peeps I have left at home have really changed too. I too echo the call for pics to be shared! Have a great weekend!

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