Still here…

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Fear not, the ‘Licious One is still around……wera ndio mingi and the shyte weather aint helping either.

Anyway, as you have read at Farmgal’s…….her visiting was off the hook. Downside, British weather. So, after a clubbing stint on Friday…..we decided to stay in Saturday and we were entertained by the beginning of XFactor 4. Chic almost missed her bus back…..! Thank God you got back ok. Next visit when Seasons and Reasons is in town, for lunch….ama?

My reunion with my bro went well. Took loads of pics. Will I share? Well……….

There is a current social menace that is getting on my last nerve (I thought ‘bleeding’ headphones were bad)………mobile phone music aka not using your headphones but phone speakers music aka a whole load of noise. Thrice, I have asked people to turn down their gadgets….luckily they complied. Am I the only one who finds this very annoying? The thing is about this place….people tend not to speak up, but for how long? I am young and love my music to bits, but being subjected to it on public transport after a long day or in one case, early in the morning is another story. Besides, them speakers sound like shit……why torture fellow passengers with that noise?

Let me go earn my keep……I will indulge you tomorrow with that salmon cookery as mentioned by Farmgal.

No Mocha!’s TunePick today – In protest!


13 thoughts on “Still here…”

  1. PDM Hehehe Public displays of music eh? Via bad speakers hmmm? It is creeping up in nai, people wearing earphones walking all around the streets, then the ‘phones are white, use black or brown less obrusive, hard to notice and for goodness sake take them off when talking to someone…not via hands free of course hehe!!

    LOL…I hear on the white headphones. Guilty as charged….lakini at least mine are original with the iPod, not fake ones that people pretend they have it. PMD…..LOL, nice one!

  2. LOL @ aegeus PDM.

    i think some people are just inconsiderate, maybe we should lower expectations for them.

    btw are you a pro in ‘fishery’ cooking, i need a recipe for good crab cakes…

    siku njema ‘licious

    Crab cakes….bilas! I can’t even afford that type of food. Nice day to you too!

  3. @Mocha!
    Hello! Just passing through kutuma salams!
    my solution against noise pollution is stone face!
    just look for the gargoyle face in the back of the bus

    Stoneface? Even that doesnt work sometimes lest I am stabbed or something (God forbid).

  4. Gosh its irritating and others are in ma3 with loud music and they stil have their headphones. I saw another chuti kid playing music loud told him azime. Glad you enjoyed the reunion.

    Glad you spoke up. Its becoming a nuisance.

  5. I like your new template.
    …now about your eyes….why are they looking at me all judgemental…i only had one stick of gum surely and we were three of us…

    Thank you. Ati now I am looking at you how? Weeeee wacha!

  6. Am I drunk or do your eyes follow me around this blog?
    Xfactor is back….yes, but I only like it before it’s just the realy good ones left then there is not as much laughter watching.

    Next time tell the ones with music kwa speakers they are interfering with your Human Rights to not listen to their rubbish selection.

    You are drunk….ama ni wee hour morning bloggingtitis! I hear you on watching the knock out stages. Funny how the arrogant ones are the ones who think they can sing and the judges let them sing the longest. LOL! Human rights? LMAO!

  7. ok … interesting blog . but this black back ground makes it lit bit difficult to read your manenos… mind if your makendes change the back ground color….

    nice blog……interesting links

    Thanks, lakini vaa miwani. I think you need them. Kwanza the ones that look like coke cola bottles…TIHIHIHI!

  8. Chci that was absoulutely fabulous. Loved it loved it. Next time you’re coming back at mine, ama?

    Sawa, but at this rate it will have to be after Seasons has been!

  9. I’m still here as well!
    Anyway people never seem to understand the meaning of a personal music player but I don’t know if I would be able to tell them to shut them off so good on you.

    I try

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