Bee Zii Bee Zii

Aki long weekends filled with mwenjoyoz should be banned. The amount of catching up I have just had to do is too much.

As you can tell my LOOOOOONNNGG weekend (ok…sawa, Monday plus) was off the hinges. Friday went out for dinner then drinks, sato was at my pals place a day early as the following day was her house warming. IT ROCKED BIG TIME. Talk about peeps gatecrashing though….typical modern technology hiccups! “Manzee, uko wapi huko kuna kelele?” “Aaaahhh, niko hapa kwa kina nani. Wako na bash ya nguvu. Si utokee. Kuna dish na keroro kibao.” Shortly, host is pointing at me…… “Who the hell is that?”

Six in the morning, Monday……hit the sack with the house looking like a tip.

Did some tidying up before I left that night……still talking about it ’till now.

Now this coming weekend…..more activities. Bourne Ultimatum Friday jionis……a bash/BBQ Sato then Harpenden Sevens on Sunday. Miss E A is kicking as well, but I won’t be able to go. DETAILS!!!

Just another ‘quickie’ to touch base. I know I have some serious catching up to do.

Kisses xxxxxxx!

This Weekend

Miss East Africa – 1 Sept 2007

Harpenden Sevens – 2 Sept 2007


6 thoughts on “Bee Zii Bee Zii”

  1. Yenyewe house bashes are like that everywhere. How come people only call you when you are at a bash. but when you are bored, they just send u text messages

  2. @udi…..true! I too have wondered.

    @Aegeus…will do! Lakini wassup wit you?

    @farmgal…LOL! Zi pokee basi, lakiniiiii….wacha tuu. Tutaongea kando! 😉 Nitajienjoy.

    @kirima….jam packed I tell you. thanks!

    @archer….LOL, I didnt even notice. Nice weekend to you too!

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