Autumn Begins, Weekend & Kenyan Acts for MOBO

Officially, when Sept. starts, summer is over. It wasn’t all that either….weatherwise anyway!

My weekend was ok. Finally went and watched Bourne Ultimatum…..nice movie, but like they say…..the first one was the best. The ‘moroccan assassin’… paid not to speak in the movie……NICE!!! And cute too! Couch ‘Tato….what happened to you?

The BBQ on saturday didn’t happen. So….just lazed about waiting for Sunday’s events.

Harpenden Sevens was ok. The weather abit ‘nippy’ but we had loads of fun. By the time I got home and hit the sack….I was out like a light.

All in all, my weekend was fab.

On to other news….

Juacali and Eric Wanaina have been nominated for a MOBO Award (British equivalent to the MTV Awards) – Best African Act. Also, for the first time, online votes will be counted.

Click here to cast your online vote.

Sina mengi leo……

4 thoughts on “Autumn Begins, Weekend & Kenyan Acts for MOBO”

  1. I feel you! yaani Autumn is here and there was no summer 😦 Lakini at least this week there’s a bit of sunshine huku kwetu….better make use of ALL my sunscreen coz Lawd knows it could expire as we await a better ‘next time’

  2. atii where is the sun? Summer is over ………….aaarrrrrrrrgggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhh.Off to find socks, scarf, gloves and a pillow and the tv guide. Goodbye world!

  3. Kwani shamza uko wapi?
    Chic mzuri to skia your weekend was sawa. Am off to see that bourne movie tonight. Weatherwise we forced our BBQ on the weekend. Kicked like mad. Imagine grown women playing kati…
    Fab week!

  4. @shamza….Ala, kwani uko huku? Aki we need to arrange a UK meet-up. A proper one.

    @3TOC….LOL, I feel you babe.

    @farmgal….enjoy the movie. I did! Ati you were playing kati. I can see you AND 3toc tacking your skirt in your pantie sides…LMAO!

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