Vote Now: Juacali or Eric Wainaina




Eric Wainaina

The above two Kenyan artists have been nominated for a MOBO (Music of Black Origin) Award in the Best African Act with the following artists:

  • 2 Face Idibia (Nigeria)
  • D’Banj (Nigeria)
  • Wambali Mkandawire (Malawi)
  • Bebe Cool (Uganda)
  • Kabelo (SA)

Online votes this year will count. So, what are you waiting for?

Click here to cast your vote!

Picture credits: Juacali – His mySpace page, Eric Wainaina – Berklee College of Music website

15 thoughts on “Vote Now: Juacali or Eric Wainaina”

  1. That is unfair! how can they take two of the best? if they had asked us
    nonini vs jua cali
    nonini vs eric wainaina
    nonini Vs anyone
    then it would have been easy!

  2. Wait a sec those two are on two completely different Genres and they are both at the top of their genres locally so hard choice but would have to go with Eric.

  3. @munech….first, thanks for gracing my blog. As for music, I am more into funky/soulful house. Though recently alot of electro house has taken me in. Anyway, I love my music. As long as it sounds good….

    @Pointi…..unfair yes, but we have to vote for one. I just hope its one of our artists that gets to win. We need the exposure.

    @Kirima….I know. Making the decision difficult and exciting. I voted Juacali as I haven’t heard much of Eric since ‘Kitu Kidogo’ to compare.

  4. I agree with Kirima Twende Twende is deadly. I think I may have to go with Eric – COZ HE FINE!!!!!

    And Juacali has longer hair than me- shindwe!

  5. lmao i wish i could listen to dat new album of his!
    if i had someone who could send it to me i would but too bad
    they are in different genres but imma hav to go wit muh boi juakali

  6. i must agree that eric wainaina’s “twende twende” album is the bomb, guys get a copy, i am sure most of u willl agree with me

  7. msanii wa nguvu ka Juacali lazima…avume dunia nzima. d king of genge mst b voted 4 n see him thru.

    wysh him d very of calif.genge 2 borne.

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