The Year So Far

I think in January, I had a feeling that this year would be eventfully. Away from the usual norm. My goal(s) for the year are yet to bear fruit, but one is in motion.

Despite the ups and downs up until now, I will have to say that 2007 is soo far the most exciting.

What’s in motion? I hear you ask…..

Well…….it may be bad news to some, but good news to others. My days of searching or waiting to be found by a potential Mr Mocha!’s are over.

YES! A Mr. Mocha! has been found found me and I am enjoying life to the full. No more BT since I last got off it.

Am I a happy bunny? You bet I am. To top it off, my pals as well are smiling too. With a baby on the way and an engagement…..I couldn’t be much happier for them and myself. The second half of 2007 is looking all kosher.

Mr Mocha! this is for you……I love this tune (on repeat in my iPod – how ironic šŸ™‚ )!

Nickodemus and Quantic – Mi Swing Es Tropical


14 thoughts on “The Year So Far”

  1. “I could not be any happier for them or me”- that is good coz if you were (any more happier) you would be happy for me……….. and I have nothing.

  2. haiya…wathii wanadondoka BT ni kaa kuna plague humu…wacha wengine tujipanga tudondoke pia…DERE, HEBU KANYANGIA APO KWA MATAA!!

    hongera dada juu ii ni…MAENDELEO..sasa ebu izo introduction zipande… šŸ˜€ Nice to meet you Mista Mocha…u hali gani bru?

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