Rugby, Friends and Tunes

The Rugby World Cup starts today. I will definately be indulging on some live games when and where I can. Bring on Rudge!!!

I wish I could go watch New Zealand live in Edinburgh…..ohh, well!

One of pals graduated…..hence a perfect excuse for people to throw a bash. All I can say is…..CONGRATS!!!

I haven’t done my music round-up for sometime. So here goes nothing…

Groove Armada – Get Down (Still lovin’ this tune)

Hi Tack – Let’s Dance (A David Bowie classic remixed)

Bodyrockers – I Like The Way You Move (The build up…..AWESOME)

Happy Weekend y’all!!! xxx 😉


10 thoughts on “Rugby, Friends and Tunes”

  1. yaani thanks for making us feel kiwaru. Huku they are not showing rudge. the way i have my schedule all printed up

    Woishe…pole, but you can watch over the net. The games are off the hook…wacha tuu!

  2. Viva Argentina. That was a good game. Thanks for beating
    France 🙂 1st half quite good but the French picked up pace in the 2nd half but still lost. My home boys play tomorrow – WALES. I don’t have to go to France to watch then play cos they are playing here at home – Cardiff. Good luck to them. Enjoy the beautiful game.

    I have to admit that Argentina did cause an upset in this tournament. I hope they keep up the momentum. You lucky so and so……vile I wanted to go watch NZ in Edinburgh. Thanks for the kiwaru moment 😦

  3. Rugby world cup? Aki sina habari! Is Bryan Habana playing? (that’s the only rugby player I know, by the way) I’m almost ashamed to admit my near zero knowledge and/or interest in rugby.

    I believe you since all you did at Sevens was capture siandas on your camera. As for Bryan…see Seasons response below

    Groove Armada! I need to get more of this kind of music. Any ideas?

    Try shopping for it online….Amazon perhaps

    Hope you enjoyed your weekend luv!

  4. You have just managed to make me very envious, Here we don’t get to watch the Rugby World cup except those who are priveleged to have DSTV, just enjoy it for me sigh!

    Pole pia wewe….catch the daily scores by clicking my rugby links on the right column

  5. io track ya bodyrockers ni favourite yangu tu sana…iko kwa to 100 trackz…alafu thanks for dropping by mle….

    Naipenda pia… problem!

  6. The basho kicked eh?! Lemmie say thanks on behalf of…And thanks for coming as well. It wouldn’t have been the same without our friends…Sunday was quite successful as well..poor gal!

  7. there was this rugby song…

    And there as this old time classic tro high school kwanza when out school had to deal fight it out with changez am patch in damu pevu ama blackrock………….

    Roll me over, in the clover,
    Roll me over put me down and do it again!

    1.Now this is number one and she wants to have some fun..
    Roll me over put me down and do it again!

    2.Now this is number two and I know she wants me too..
    Roll me over put me down and do it again!

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