Mid-Week Randomness

Like Kirima, pia mimi niko tuu. Wera ndio mob.

I had a really fab weekend.

It all kicked off with France being beaten by Argentina in the opening game of the Rugby World Cup. The following day, the match between NZ and Italy was OFF THE HINGES. Dan Carter and those conversions…..wacha tuu!!!

On Saturday, I attended a graduation bash for one of my pals and it was off the hook. The following day being a Sunday, I was tested on my organisation skills as I was voted ‘chairlady’ for my pals Baby Shower. Yaani, I have never been so stressed. My pal refused to come of the house so that peeps could check in and surprise her. Then she almost refused to get off the sofa and at least go upstairs. Luckily, a photoshoot of her while paged worked and by the time she came downstairs….the lounge was filled with peeps. Let’s just say the surprise and the shower went well. The planning was soooo short notice that as a group we didn’t think we could pull it off, but we did.

Moving on to other manenos……..

Have you noticed how some commercials are better than some programmes shown on TV.

Since they are a selling point for products with some having been created with a comedic / ‘how did they do that’ approach to it. I love seeing commercials as some are just plain hilarious.

Here are a few of my favourites (SPEAKERS REQUIRED) :

Cadbury’s Chocolate (Be patient with this one….its worth it)

Cravendale Milk (Listen to the ending)

VW Golf GTi

MFi (Home Improvement Centre)

Sony Bravia (Paint)

Sony Bravia (Balls)

Happy Wednesday!

p.s. USA played well, but were beaten by Tonga. Just too fast when USA fumbled with the ball. USA’s first try was timam though.


7 thoughts on “Mid-Week Randomness”

  1. Kumbe uko tu!
    That NZ italy game was more like Cricket scores that Rugby scores pity can’t watch the world cup even this weekend might be too tight for me to nick to town and watch a few games.

  2. woowwwwwwwwww.. i have just come here to congratulate you.your blog made it to e the wordpress’s hot blogsssssssss i happen to read the sana.am happy its someone from KBW…Na una macho poa? cn i have yua numba? 🙂

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