Chill Out

I need a rest and for me this is my adios ’til I blog again.

I won’t lock you out like the last time, as I have discovered may people hate that ISH.

I will be lurking in the shadows tho’….seeing what you lot are up too! 3TOC….pia wewe!!! I gat my eyes on you.

So until my blogging juices start flowing again……stay blessed!



16 thoughts on “Chill Out”

  1. While u r taking a chill, please note that Eric Wainanina will be representing at Club Afrique on sat Sept 22. Also representing will be DJ Dubwise, Clemo, Talent, Edu, Collo. As posted on mr.seed

  2. Take the break and remember we are still on for lunch..its just the company that is hosting me keeps changing dates. I am still coming this century- even if its for the lunch. In the meantime, i hope you enjoyed the way the Poms were rubbed by the boks last night!!! I have waited for that for 4 years!!

  3. Time alone is necessary kabisa. but dont you take forever kiss kiss
    As for you seasons I cant believe you is happy about that. Did you see the way our boys were bruised?

  4. a break is as good as a rest…take all the chill time you need, then you can come back and roga us with your mochaliciousness. will give me time to catch up on your other posts too…burudika!

  5. yes you need a vacation

    Yes, I have edited your comment. Keep your private part name calling to yourself….or next time I will delete it. I think now it has past the being funny stage.

  6. you need to leave the BT train to release this built up tensions…. mami ..heheh inexess dont worry about her.. she is having PMS.. its onyl 3 days and she will be good …

  7. aki looooooool ..betty now you want mocha to come and beat me up? what cut with the penzi! mocha relax your manenos..!dont be incited by betty . usijali things are not as bad they look ..they are worse!!

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