Eric Wainaina Live in London

Breakin’ my chill mode to bring you this……

Farmgal….you hatad a gig!

Yes…folks, I was at the Eric Wainaina’s gig at Club Afrique in London on Saturday night and I have to say I had a good time.

Dude can sing and Kenyan artists doing tours should learn from Eric… bands should be the norm. Tapping other talents in the Kenyan music scene other than people who can sing should be the next step for Kenyan artists. Drummers, guitarists, keyboard, etc. It a shame though how as a community how ‘unsupportive’ we can be, sometimes.

Eric…..if you are reading this, I enjoyed your gig and I hope you come back to London again.

And, yes he came with his CDs and I got both of them. So my iPod will be on Eric Wainaina the rest of this month aka this week. LOL!!!

I won’t bore you with any more hu-ha. I will try and upload pics this week. So until then…enjoy these clips

Goin’ back to chill mode…….

p.s. Kip….your days are numbered….so behave! Mi casa not your sou casa…YOU HEARD!!!


11 thoughts on “Eric Wainaina Live in London”

  1. wewe mocha. sasa what have i Done to get such a rebuking from thee? lol! cant we just watch erics manenos in u-tube in peace! bana now you are sounding like Michuki Kimendero >…..btw I was on your myspace and That dj Edu mix ” watu wangu twende kazi” is nice..

  2. Msichana I wish I had jupangad but its all good. I spent the weekend with my mum. Alafu this thing of calling to laugh after my team has lost. Not funny at all! What’s Kip done?
    Have a fab week

  3. i love his music and i would recommend even to those with bootleg copies whose names i shall not mention once twice or even three times…get the originals…so totally worth it.

  4. I have to agree on Eric’s stage presence. While in the US, he always did a live band at all his performances, and they were quite the shows! And yes, if you have bootlegs, ebu break those things to bits and go out and buy the CDs! Go Eric!

  5. You do have a point there. How many people can still play live instruments nowadays? The meaning of the word “artiste” needs to be redefined.

    As for harassing poor traumatised Farmgal….wacha tu. Si you know your boys will eventually lose to some small nondescript team kama kawaida yenu?

  6. Glad you were able to see him live the Twende Twende album has been played ad infinitum on my car stereo and its good. Live bands rock
    @Seasons where can I get that Carol Atemi CD I tafutad in Nu metro and kosad

  7. this guy is my best live performer…i had the pleasure of watching him once…aw man i enjoyed. There used to be something at sippers hurlingham where the instruments are all there for whoever is feeling they can play, they just ruka and plays instrument of choice…no band group par se, just guys who love music and understand it…quite interesting…

    fruity loops is danganyaing ‘artistes’.

  8. wass’up mocha…the gig was a hit shame more knys didn’t come out to support him…where are the pictures?plz email me..

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