A Rose for/from Mocha!


Originally uploaded by Mocha!

One from a bouquet from Mr Mocha!

I do love flowers. Red roses and white lilies are my favourites. There is just something about them…..I just can’t explain it, esp when they come from someone who has feelings for you.

And they smell great too…….!

Well, for everyone out there reading my blog today…….this one is for you. A rose full of love from the heart.

Its not everyday we get to tell people around us how much they mean to us…..this is me doing just that!!!


17 thoughts on “A Rose for/from Mocha!”

  1. You lucky lady! Being spoilt rotten. You deserve them roses, and I hope Mr Mocha knows how much them flowers were appreciated!

    Kwanza I didn’t have to wait long for my prediction to come true. Si Man Useless lost to some small team last night? So who’s laughing now?

  2. I ready your blog, but I dont’ think I have ever commented before. So, can I still pokea the rose???
    Gosh, its been a minute since I have rec’d flowers from a man! Tell Mr. M, his stocks just keep going up…!

  3. roses ? haii last time i got one..I Was 5 minutes from breaking some girls heart and what a better way to do with than fronting with a ka white rose ati peace to thy world….kweli i was a fala

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