Maxwell:3 Albums 3 Years

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Maxwell, one of my favourite artists is releasing 3 disks to make an album in the course of three years starting with 2007.

Aptly named Black(07) Summers'(08) Night(09), this album is much anticipated. Afterall, it was ‘only’ 6 years ago…….yes, SIX YEARS……since his last album, Now. I have to admit though…..Urban Hang Suite is still my favourite and I am yet to get MTV Unplugged. His albums are just classic neo-soul and I can’t wait for his current project.

Catch a snippet of his first single ‘Pretty Wings’ here

……release the first album already!!!

OOOOhhhh….his hair has gone!  

A moment to ponder: Am I back? HHHmmmm!!!

8 thoughts on “Maxwell:3 Albums 3 Years”

  1. welcome back? i saw maxwell and came here running! i am in love with his Urban hang suite and for sure this collection shall grace my cd rack…which hair? …tihiii!!

  2. EMBRYA ROCKS!!! Yes it’s about time that Maxwell released new material, it’s been quite a while. Imagine I’m yet to get Urban Hang out suite?

    Otherwise, does this mean that the ‘licious one is back?

  3. @MF….the hair on his head. He used to dorn an afro or cornrows. He still looks hot!

    @SnR….Now was a good album, but it missed something. One or two tracks stood out for me in that one.

    @Xs….I don’t blame you. I think I am the same when it come to Jaheim and Musiq Soulchild….never liked their songs!

    @Archer…..Embrya is sawa. Ebu get Urban Hang Suite chap chap. I guess, I am back!!!

    @3N…..pass the details haraka!

    @makanga……I know!!! Love it to bits!

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