Crappy Feeling

Its Friday and I feel like shyte…..

I hope kesho’s game between NZ and France will cheer me up.

Phone off……. when I get home, lock-in mpaka Monday!!!

I hope you, you and you, have a better day and weekend ahead!

I am out!!!

p.s. Kip….before you say anything…si PMS!!!


14 thoughts on “Crappy Feeling”

  1. poor gal. I hope you feel better soonest! Remember that WP has kataad my comments from home so I have to holla on WP blogs from jobo. Have a good weekend and enjoy the games!

  2. wewe you are guilty as charged! hiyo ni PMS ……Ive been around the female species long enuff to know what “an headache” ” ama crappy” feeling means… if it was 10 years ago i would be lost…lol

    now back to rugby manenos…. so springboks won ama? I admit my rugby skills are dying becuase of NFL season that just started…

  3. I landed in Paris, settled and lo and behold!! Aussie out!! Blakke out!! I watched the game at St. Dennis and I thought Scotland played well and were unlucky to lose.

    Am all set for the semi-finals this weekend

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