Monday – Still Feeling Blue

Thanks y’all who commented on previous post.

I am still feeling like shyte and more so that now NZ are not in the Semis. What a weekend of upsets, esp. on Saturday. England did well….what a comeback from them. Afterall, if their game against SA is to go by, they have really improved their game. So that now the battle for the final is between England v France and SA v Argentina……who do you think is gonna be in the final running and win the Webb Ellis Cup???

Alafu, what happened to Lewis Hamilton? I felt for the dude esp. his frustration when the stewards couldn’t push him out of the gravel. Anyway, there is the Brazilian Grand Prix.

Kenyan politics on the BBC – click here for more!

Off to sort out my issues…..just touching base so you all know I am somewhat fine!!!

Happy Monday???

Edit: Juacali has been nominated yet again and this time for an MTV European Music Award. Click


chap chap and make your vote count!


10 thoughts on “Monday – Still Feeling Blue”

  1. (((((((((((((((((m)))))))))))))))))

    si ukule hii chocolate alafu you shall feel all better? **handing mocha some fruit and nut**

  2. Pole sana. I hope this Tuesday finds you in a better mood. I was following rugby until NFL season began, so now I’m Patriots damu watching them roll over other teams.

  3. Seasonsand reasons: I passionately want to support the Boks too but I have got an issue with Jake White for not fielding any Black player in the team..Habana and JP Pierterson are coloureds and SA coloureds don’t qualify themselves as Blacks..Me.. am rooting for the minnows

  4. Even me I watched the france NZ game in disbelief but I got over it now my loyalties are with the springboks!
    Hamiltons crash was a surprise but since I’m a ferarri fan its all good the only non upset sporting score was ManU’s 4-0 whipping of Wigan which put a bounce on my step

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